Top 5 Powerful Leaders Of The World

The success of an Organisation pretty much depends on their leaders. Leaders are responsible. Leaders perform their role by communicating with subordinates about different plans and policies. The power to make changes in different things such as educational systems, healthcare facilities in countries, remains with leaders. Effective leaders help in fulfilling goals of subordinates, help in avoiding conflicts or fights among subordinates (followers) and help in maintaining overall development of the countries. Many wonderful leaders have arrived over the past few years. The leaders that became popular because of their work and development include:

1. Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Barack Obama, the president of U.S.A, is known by the majority of the world’s population and also is the most powerful leader of the 7 continents. It is because of Barack Obama that U.S has reached to a GDP of $3 trillion. Under the leadership of Obama, America has survived various complicated Supreme Court challenges. Obama’s tactics and activities helped America accurately withstand the Syrian civil war, turbulence in the Middle East and wars in Taliban. In Obama’s Leadership, America also created contacts with Cuba and broke nuclear deal with Iran. Recently, Obama rejected the Keystone ZL pipeline proposal so as to improve the US energy security without any problems in the environment. Barack Obama possesses huge power and manages several responsibilities.

2. Vladimir Putin

Like Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin is also popular all around the world. Vladimir Putin is the former prime minister and present president of Russia. Under Putin’s leadership, Russia reached their highest income rate i.e. 89%. After the Ukranian Revolution, Russia managed to get back and become a superpower only because of Vladimir Putin. Under the leadership of Putin, America launched a military operation that supported Syria’s Bashar al-Assad. Recently, Vladimir engaged with because of USA’s interference in issues of Middle East. For eliminating Islamic forces of Syria, Putin launched the Russia air campaign in last year.

3. Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel

The chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel is one of the most important leaders in the world. She is been in charge for more than 10 years. During her work, she faced a lot of challenges about the tenure. The eurozone managed to avail the better financial condition because of Angela Merkel. Most of the Europe’s refuge crisis are controlled or managed by this leader. Several important steps took by Angela helped Germany to become a powerful economy and low unemployment rate. Angela has also provided help in maintaining a stabilizing force in Germany.

4. Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi is the prime minister of world’s largest democratic country called India. After becoming prime minister, Modi is continuously taking initiatives for improving the lives of the second most populous country. Modi believes – we can certainly improve lives of more than 1 billion people. For achieving his goal, he implemented the uniform sales tax and enhanced foreign direct investment services in India. He is trying his level best for making a digital India that can be integrated with the digital world. He believes innovative ideas and steps can provide wonderful growth and development in India. Modi took help from popular companies like Facebook for completing certain tasks. After Obama, Modi is the most popular leader on Twitter.

5. David Cameron

David Cameron has become UK prime minister for the second time. The responsibility of getting concessions from 28  nations comes on David Cameron. Cameron has always remained with the EU decision. For making proposals, Cameron has visited several EU leaders. David Cameron started a controversial plan for lowering down the immigration. Cameron met the popular Queen Elizabeth for asking about her plan for next 3-5 years.

Wrapping Up

Many leaders are popular in all parts of the country.  Barack Obama helped America survive the most complicated Supreme Court challenges. Vladimir Putin’s leadership skills helped Russia to become a superpower after the Ukrainian Revolution. Angela Merkel played a crucial role in making Germany a strong economy. Narendra Modi is continuously taking initiatives for making India a digital country. David Cameron controversial views helped the United Kingdom lowering the overall immigration. These leaders helped in providing a vast growth and development in different parts of the world.

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