iOS 8 To Enhance The Experience Of Smartphone Users?

Apple is in news yet again with the speculations about its next operating system iOS 8. The company has been successful in taking the phase of smartphones to a new level. The release of iOS 7 grabbed all the attention last year and offered a new look, design, and feel to iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Continue reading “iOS 8 To Enhance The Experience Of Smartphone Users?”

How to download torrents on Android and iOs

Torrents have been one of the best things that happened to mankind. It is unbelievable to see how much people depend on them for all sorts of things. Right from many educational videos to entertainment. Torrent cater to almost everything that there is on the planet. With the advancement and development of technology, people have now moved to smart phones and tablets for entertainment. So have the torrents. This article will give the reader an insight into how he needs to download torrents on an Apple and Android device.

download torrents-for-Android


Considering Android is one of the most popularly used operating system, torrents have made their way into it. The downloading of a torrent on an Android device is one of the easiest things to do. It is just a matter of a few simple steps:

–          Go to the Google Play Store and download aDownloader. There are many free options that are available, but this is the best to use and there is no download throttling.

–          The next step is to configure the location of the saved files. The user has to enter the path manually but it is not difficult to figure it out.

–          Then the user needs to open a browser and enter a download repository and then type the name of the desired torrent.

–          Skipping the first few results of the search and then examining the size, age, health and seeders is the next step of the process.

–          After finding the most attractive torrent, tap the torrent link. It is essential that the user does not press any other buttons in the process.

–          Then the downloaded file will appear on the notification from where the media can be obtained.

These are 6 simple ways to get the best torrents onto the Android device and enjoy all kinds of media on it. It eliminates the carrying of heavy laptops and other such things.


After rejecting the BitTorrent application for its app store, Apple has made it look shady for itself in the category of smart phones. But not many people know that there are ways to download torrents on to an Apple handset. All one needs to do is install VuzeBitTorrent Client and the iZureus extension.

After installing both of them, the user needs to go to ‘Tools > Plugins > Installation Wizard.’ Then he needs to select ‘By list from’ and scroll down to find ‘Azureus HTML WebUI.’ This is a plugin that the user needs to install. The last part of it is to open a browser on the phone, and enter in the address bar and the user can access the regular Azureus HTML interface. Then he needs to go to Vuze’s ‘Preferences > Plugins > HTML WEB UI’ and enter a password. Then he is good to go with all the torrents that he needs.

It is true that Apple is a little conservative when it comes to third party software and intervention in the app store, but for those users who are die hard Apple fans they can use this method to easily get their work done.

As India Goes Online

Online recharges are fast gaining popularity amongst growing prepaid mobile subscriber base as more and more telecom operators provide various incentives on online refills. This, coupled with the fact that more and more banks offer various schemes on their Debit and credit cards spending, has encouraged more number of subscribers to prefer go online for recharges. Besides saving your time and effort of going to the nearest retailer selling recharge coupons, another added advantage of online recharges is that it allows customers to compare various plans offered by service providers and select the best deal. This creates a win-win situation for both the parties.

The situation was not always the same, especially in India. Customers were always wary of failed internet transaSmartphone ctions and the hassles that come along with it. Not to forget the risk of being exposed to fraudulent sites and phishing. Also, one needed to activate internet banking in order to perform online transactions which was a painful process in itself. Because of all these reasons, the general perception was to avoid the complications of recharging online and take a walk to the nearest recharge vendor and get it done without any concerns. But in order to eliminate middle men and thereby increase profits, telecom companies started providing exclusive privileges for online recharge. So did banks by simplifying the process of online transactions. They also made online transactions a lot safer by introducing high level security in their systems. Online transactions also provided a receipt which could be easily printed and used for future references. This changed the mindset of general consumers to a great extent.

Online recharges also gained momentum from the fact that many 3rd party websites offered discounts and vouchers of various food and shopping outlets on online recharges. Here, a customer not only gets his prepaid mobile recharge done, but also enjoys various offers of the companies that the website has paired up with. This proved to be way more profitable for everyone involved in the transaction. As the competition increased, even official websites of network providers began offering more than just regular recharges. They also paired up with various banks in order to provide discounts and other perks. All these factors greatly contributed to the increasing number of customers opting for online recharges.


Smartphone app developers saw the opportunity in rising number of people recharging online and developed apps which helped them do this at their finger tips at any given point of time. All you need is an internet enabled smartphone and online banking facility. Not only this, some apps and websites have virtual ‘wallet’ service. All you have to do is deposit money into it first, and everytime you recharge your phone, it will deduct money from your ‘wallet’ and give you a detailed information about your account. You don’t even need to remember and enter your credit/debit card details everytime you want to recharge. It can be done in as quickly as 30 seconds. With all these advantages, online recharging is rapidly replacing the conventional methods.