Why Iphone Screen Repairing Cost have Soared

The technology behind smart phones and tablets continues to change, and the process of manufacturing or developing Smartphone’s has become complex. As a result, the direct impact on both the initial cost and the costs incurred when repairing them. Do you know, presently iphone 5 owners has to pay $ 229 in order to repair their screen. The components of iphone 5 are generally more expensive than similar parts of the previous models.

Most of the iphone 5 users ask “what is included in this repairing cost ($229)”? Well, in this repairing cost, your iphone screen is not going to be repaired or replaced, but the entire iPhone is replaced. It means you will get a new iphone, rather than a new screen. This new device has a 3 months warranty.

There are lots of reasons by which your iphone screen can be broken. Some of the major causes behind iphone accidents are given below:

  • Fell into a swimming pool, toilet, etc.
  • Slipped from your laps
  • Dropped from your hands on a solid surface such road, roof, etc
  • Drenched by some other liquid
  • Knocked off a table

All these accidents are extremely common today, and are very easy to do even users of iphones are very careful. Most of the users ask that the repair cost of iphone is very high, so what they should if they crack their iphone’s screen. Well, everyone knows that the components of iphone are expensive. What options are available for you? Well, you can help from a third party to repair your iphone rather take it to any iphone repair store and give a huge amount for repairing. Some of the repair service providers provide repairing services at the same cost what Apple is charging or even less.

But, there are some drawbacks behind hiring a third party repair service like if your handset falls down then it enough to  crack your iphone’ s the screen as well as it may damage something internal as well. If you repair your iphone from someone who is not experienced and certified for phone repair, but opened your phone and replaced some parts that are not apple certified, and then the warranty your set is avoided.

A good advice for people who have Smartphone’s is that buy a sturdy case to protect your expensive device. You can take it from brick-and-mortar retailers since buying it from Apple stores mean you have to spend a little more. One of the most common damages to a mobile phone is caused by liquid like water. Therefore, it is a great idea to buy waterproof cases for your phone.