Samsung Galaxy S5 – Full Review and Comparison With Galaxy S4

What all passionate about Smartphones expected, happened on the first official day of MWC 2014. Samsung officially announced the Galaxy S5 Smartphone, which is a firm commitment to resume the market and leave competitors like LG and Sony back in contention for the lead segment.

The great advantage of the device is the powerful hardware that was presented by the manufacturer. With several improvements over the previous generation and seamless integration between Smartphone and smart watches, Galaxy S5 shows that Samsung spares no effort to please their customers.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will be available in 150 countries – which should include Brazil – from April 11. The amount has not been confirmed, but early rumors suggest his arrival price from R $ 2,899 for the version with no contract carriers.


DESIGN – few changes compared to the S4

Samsung promises that this new Smartphone will offer more glamor to consumers. Nevertheless, no very obvious design changes Samsung Galaxy S5. If we compare with the previous generation of Smartphones from the same company, we realize that the traces remain and that goes for just about every detail.

A clear change is the presence of a new back cover, which abandons the previous traits and appears with stylized perforations. The body of the Smartphone is slightly longer than the present S4, and 14.2 cm high and 7.25 cm wide – it also is slightly thicker, with 0.81 cm – which is anincrease in weight of 15 grams.

As for colors, Samsung claims that besides the black and white options, the device can now be purchased in blue versions and “coppery gold.” A difficult to perceive detail is the “Home” button built into the Smartphone. In addition to performing the normal functions to which you were accustomed, he now follows in the footsteps of the iPhone 5S and features a fingerprint reader, ideal to ensure more safety in unlocking the device screen.

SCREEN – 5.1 inches and full HD resolution

It’s hard to look at the Gorilla Glass screen 3 5.1 inch Galaxy S5 and can not imagine what will the quality of images of the device. Knowing the quality of contrast S4 was criticized by some consumers –especiallyif compared to other competitors – Samsung invested heavily in new equipment and brought a model with Full HD resolution and density of 432 pixels per inch.

It is valid to say that this density is higher than that present in the main market handsets like the LG G2 (423) and the iPhone 5S (326) and Xperia Z2 (424), but is lower than the Galaxy S4, which featured 441 pixels per inch.

CPU AND MEMORY – more power to market

Internally the unit also has some interesting improvements. The most surprising is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor. The processor clock reaches 2.5 GHz, being very efficient in energy issues and promising tune with the battery of 2,800 mAh.

While many wait for 3 GB of RAM – something that would run counter to the hardware of Galaxy Note 3 -, Samsung Galaxy showed that the S5 will hit the market with 2 GB of memory and two options-volatile memory storage: 16 GB or 32 GB. That is to say that he still has support for microSD cards so the capacity is expanded.

CAMERA – high resolutions and 4K videos

Some of the major improvements of the new device from the previous generation are the integrated digital camera. With new, more powerful sensor – and taking advantage of the best speed of the processor – the images captured with the S5 Galaxy Smartphone can be really superior. There are maximum resolutions of 16 megapixels with HDR mode, and autofocus catches happen in 0.3 seconds.

There is also the arrival of the “Selective Focus” which allows new possibilities for capturing photographs. With this feature, images can be focused on a specific area, making the backgrounds are blurred in a more professional manner – even ensuring that consumers are able to simulate depth of field effects.

For video recording, the Galaxy S5 will also bring some interesting improvements. The unit ensures that the camera can be used to record video in HD resolution Ultra – who was also known as 4K.

BATTERY – power management software

One of the highlights of the presentation from Samsung at MWC 2014 is present in the Galaxy S5 battery. The manufacturer guarantees that it can be replaced easily, which can be a plus point for consumers who dislike more closed systems. Thanks to the new mode Ultra Power Saving Mode, the battery life – which has 2,800 mAh – Galaxy S5 can reach 21 hours of talk time and 16 days standby time.

Samsung says that with the advanced power saving modes, you can keep the machine running for 24 hours under 10% load available. Of course, this is not the use of the Internet or multimedia features, but can allow incoming connections without problems.

GOING BEYOND – connectivity and sensors bring new possibilities

With several hardware improvements, the Galaxy S5 also features virtually unlimited connectivity to consumers. The handset comes with chips on the market to integrate with 3G and 4G mobile networks and also has support for Bluetooth communications, NFC and WiFi

The new Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5 will arrive on the market with digital player. Like the iPhone 5S, it features integrated to the “Home” button feature.

This sensor can also be integrated with a number of registered accounts on the device and will ensure that consumers can even pay bills through their digital – once PayPal accounts can be synchronized to the reader, for example.

It was also revealed that the Galaxy S5 has IP67 certification. This means that the Smartphone is water resistant and dust and can be immersed for 30 minutes in up to one meter deep.