What Should We Expect Of Galaxy S6 ?

Though people have not seen Samsung Galaxy S5, they have started speculating on the upcoming Galaxy S6 . This is because of the amazing success that galaxy s4 has already received, making them wonder how different the futuristic devices will be.

The futuristic eye wants to speculate on Galaxy S6 so that they are well prepared when the revolutionary device is finally released into the market. These high expectations and speculations are sometimes become real truths, especially when the manufactures consider them when coming up with such devices. They actually inform the decision on how Samsung should make their future devices.

Release Date Now Confirmed

The upcoming S6 will not be released in the year 2014, as earlier speculations had indicated. Rather, the device will have to wait until the beginning of 2015. This is because Galaxy S5 will be released in this same year, 2014, and it is not possible for these Korean manufacturers to release two S series in the same year.  That said, one can quickly add that nothing is really impossible in the Smartphone world, and it is possible to have Galaxy S6 come later in the year 2014 due to competition pressures.

Better Hardware Due To Competition Pressures

After the launch of other amazing devices such as Sony XPeria Z1 and I phone 5S, the sale of Samsung Galaxy S4 has declined. This is because the devices from the competitors have amazing features that every consumer has been longing for. To deal with this, Samsung is promising to have better features even as they release Galaxy S5 and S6. And since Galaxy S5 is almost being released into the market today, S6 remains their only source of hope as far as recovering the lost glory is concerned.

Samsung has indicated that it will come up with an S6 with an internal hardware that is better than most laptops today. Some of these features include:

  • 128 GB internal memory
  • 4 GB ram
  • 5.2 ultra high definition display
  • 3500 mash battery
  • Android Kit Kat operating system

It is important to note that Samsung is still way too ahead of a majority of the competitors. They are ahead of the apple I phone as far as storage capacities are concern. However, there are some competitors who seem to be walking very closely with Samsung, and there is need for innovation to the end that the features above are better that everyone else.

People’s Demands

People are demanding for devices with a curved display. This could be possible with galaxy s6 since there is enough time for such a manufacturing. Still, there is a high demand for devices that can feature wireless charging, and Samsung has promised to consider this in all their future devices. This is therefore a feature that could be considered in s6 Smartphone.

After all the speculations and possibilities with Samsung Galaxy S6, there is surely one certainty- that the device will be revolutionary. Samsung does not only have enough time to make it all happen, but they are also under pressure to supply good products that will meet consumer’s standards.