Will iPhone 6 Come with Quantum Dot Enhanced Display?

Last Thursday19th December 2013,the US Patent and Trademark Office published one of the latest patents that has been acquired by Apple. It is known by the name of Quantum dot enhanced display for dichroic filter and it has a detailed description about this advanced technology as well as the way it can be applied in the mobile gadgets like iPhone.

Quantum dots are basically nanocrystals which are known for their ability to emit light. These quantum dots can be made in such a way so that it can emit the narrowest spectrum of light passing through it. These quantum dots can be manufactured in different ways to control the lights passing through it. The quantum display will be coated with a dichroic filter that will help in absorbing the blue light and emit the red and green light. As a result the images or graphic displayed on the iPhone will be much more vibrant and beautiful. The graphics displayed on the screen of the iPhone 6 will become brighter with prisms and other techniques are used in it.

Apple products have been always known for their unique and advanced display. Therefore, it is clear that Apple is trying to surpass the previous benchmark set by it i.e. retina display present in the iPhone 5 series phone. We believe that this technology is still in the development stage, but still we hope to experience this awesome featurein iPhone 6 itself.

The phablet style iPhone 6 with quantum dot wraparound screen will be definitely be a different experience altogether. The blogosphere is bursting with news that Apple has plans to bounce back to its original position in the world of smartphone in 2014 with the release of iPhone 6, which is supposedly going to one of the best iPhones as well as smartphones that the world has ever seen. Therefore, inclusion of such cutting edge features can be expected. However, if we think practically then it is also true that including so many features in one phone is not justifiable at all.

However, integration of all these features is definitely going to make iPhone 6 pricey. As such Apple products are tagged with higher price than its competitors, and if at all iPhone 6 has at least five of the rumoured features, it is definitely going to come with a far greater quote. The main competitiors of iPhone 6 would LG G3, Nexus 6 and Note 4.let’sput it this way that all great things come with a better price!!Cheers!!