Nokia Normandy a low cost android phone

The Android operating system is currently the most used one and many devices have started making use of it as it can hold any number of apps on it. Nokia was the one that was yet to make use of this platform and they are currently in the process to create the new Normandy phone that can run in android platform and it has been reported that it will be a low cost mobile that can be available at the price rate of Nokia Asha. Nokia has come with a new Normandy Android phone that will be available for a very cheap price rate when compared to other Android phones in the market. Nokia was completely changed into a Windows platform phone in the past days, yet, Nokia has now come up with brand new Normandy Android phone that will be replacing the other Android phones in the near future. This device is said to be developed from the recent Android platform that can be loaded with the popular apps from the Android appstores. This low cost Android phone will be the competitor for the Nokia Asha and it will be nearly equal with all the features of Nokia Asha.

Normandy – The Asha Competitor

The Android version in the new Nokia Normandy will be a modified one like the Amazon Kindle range. The Android operating system in this phone can be used to download any number of Android apps and it completely depends upon the storage space left in the device. The news that has hit the internet is that one can attach micro SD cards up to 16gb to this device that can indeed make this device run many apps at a time without any lag in it. Running multiple apps at a time is really a great experience and it can make one to easily swipe between apps on their Android phone. Getting this feature in a very low cost is really a great gift and Nokia is making it happen with their brand new Normandy Android phone.

Features of Normandy

This new Normandy Android phone will hit the market in the year 2014 and it will have all the great features of an Android phone installed in it. The notification bar in this phone can be found even on the lock screen in the rectangular shape. This feature can also be found on the Nokia Asha. The main difference between both the phones are the User Interface and the apps that can be used in them. The User Interface in Normandy will be a refreshing one and it will definitely hold the icons to launch the apps. The Normandy can be used to run big apps like Skype and some high-end games. This phone will definitely be a gift for any Android phone lovers as it will be providing all the features of an Android phone in a very low price rate. Although it is said to be a competitor with the Nokia Asha itself, it will be a unique Android phone with a slim design.