Galaxy S6 With Huge Internal Memmory: No More Micro SD Requirements

One of the buzz coming from the rumor mill has made extreme discussion on web about Samsung Galaxy S6 to feature 32 and 64 GB inbuilt memory. Of course, it’s a matter to be discussed for all the tech-geeks, specially the smartphone lovers. I presume some of my avid viewers won’t know this, so here I am to clear this thing. Nowadays, buyers who all are spending money on high-end smartphones, hesitate to spend more for external storages, also it’s a little problematic to take care of your external storage or SD cards as it can be lost anywhere and who troubles for such a small thing! No one wish to spend more money unless it’s a crucial requirement.

As per rumor reports Samsung is planning for huge internal storage chips to be assigned in Galaxy S6. Well, I am hoping that the Korean firm start manufacturing the next generation Samsung Galaxy S6 with internal storages upto 32 GB or 64 GB. Some of the rumors say it will come with internal storage of 128 GB, but that seems to be too early for a smartphone to have such a huge in-house storage. But as far as I think Samsung will not come with 128 GB though they will surely incorporate expansion of internal storage of 128 GB through microSD cards.

Galaxy S4 camein three variants 8/16/32 GB with expansion upto 64 GB whereas the Galaxy S5 is launched in two variants 16/32 GB expandable upto 128 GB. If we look at Galaxy S VI’s predecessor’s internal storage details, there seems to be true possibilities of having SGS6 in either 16/32/64 GB variants or 32/64 GB with expandability of upto 128 GB. This will surely break the needs of microSD cards for mostly every smartphone lover.

This time Samsung might come with a high speed transfer chip as well which is expected to transfer data at a speed of upto 120 megabytes per second. Well, this will be like icing on the cake for all of the consumers out there in the world.

Do you want such a device with huge internal storage or not? Just share it in the comments section below. Your feedbacks on Samsung Galaxy S6 will also be appreciated. Cheers!