Telegram: How To Send Secret Messages and Images With Your Friends

The Telegram arrived with everything, stealing the attention of the crowd and taking a portion of WhatsApp users.We teach how you can sign up for the Telegram & how to send secret messages.

Taking advantage of this wave, today we will show how you can use one of the special functions of the Telegram: secret chats.This feature of the software allows the user to exchange messages without them being viewed by others.

Understand the secret chat

According to the official website of the Telegram, the secret chats are for two people to talk using an “end-to-end” encryption system (in which data is encoded between the two devices that are connected).

This means that only yourSmartphone and your contact can read the messages (which are protected by codes that exist only in these two devices).The developer of the app shows that nobody can decrypt conversations, even the staff of the Telegram itself.

Due to this unique feature, the messages can not be forwarded.Also, because of the encryption, the conversations are not stored in the cloud, since the code cannot be sent to the servers of the service.

The secret code of this type of conversation is a key of type “Diffie-Hellman” (which enables two contacts to exchange encoded messages over an insecure channel). The Telegram generates a representative picture of the password, which is identical in both conversation participants appliances.

To further ensure privacy and security, Telegram offers an automatic message deletion. You can set a timer so that the information is deleted after reading the content. You can set from 2 seconds to one week. By deleting these messages, they can never be recovered.

Starting a conversation

  • To start exchanging messages, simply click on the options icon (the one with three squares stacked vertically) and choose the item “New Secret Chat”;
  • Then the program will ask you to choose a contact to chat is initiated;
  • When you refer a friend, chat opens in a new window. However, the conversation is initiated only when your contact accepts;

In the center of the window there is information relating to secret chat. You can send as many messages as you want;

  • The images, videos, documents and other details shared will also be kept secret. To send special content, you can click the paper clip icon and select an item to be shipped;
  • To enable the self-destruction of the messages, click the contact picture and set a time in “Self-Destruct Timer” field.

Not everything is so secret

It is important to note that the Telegram does not block the screen capture option, so your contact can record conversations to share anywhere.Furthermore, it is important to note that the conversations initiated by “New Chat” option (via the standard chat icon) do not have this encryption system.Good chat and see you soon!