Rumoured Specs and Features of iPhone 6

Apple is undoubtedly one of the big smartphone brands, that has millions of fans from all over the global. Every year the iPhone aficionados eagerly await the launch of the next generation phone so that they purchase it at the earliest and enjoy using its cool features. Though the iPhone 5 and its two advanced models were released just a few months back, but the tech buffs have already started to contemplate about the features of next in the line i.e. iPhone 6. Here are some of the rumoured features of iPhone 6:


iPhone 5 was powered by A7, therefore we can expect that the iPhone 6 will be either have an advanced version of A7 processor or an A8 quad core processor. Apple’s biggest challenge in this regard would be to develop a much more efficient processor in terms of energy as well as speed. However, up till now Samsung has been playing a leading role in developing iPhone processor, but there is a buzz around the tech world that Apple is gradually shunting its tie with Samsung and endeavouring to develop its processor independently. But nothing has been confirmed by Apple yet.


In all probabilities the iPhone 6 will come with a bigger screen as announcements on this regard was being already made in the WWDC 2013. We are actually expecting two and not one iPhone next year, one with about 5 inch display which will have a comparatively lesser price tag and another with about 5.7 inch display for those who were expecting a phablet style iPhone from a long time. Some tech buffs have went to the extent of contemplating that there will be another version of iPhone 6 with 6 inch display, but as of now we does not see much practicality in such a proposition.


iPhone 6 is rumoured to be integrated with an advanced camera. This advancement is not limited to the enhancement in megapixels, but the inclusion of a system whereby your iPhone camera can perform all the actions that are usually done by many equipment in a professional photography studio like, adjusting the flashlight, detecting the areas that need more light and so on. Therefore, owing aniPhone 6 might mean that you have another career options open before you i.e. photography.

These are some of the basic specification and feature changes that we are expecting in iPhone 6. Who knows it might come with much better ones than our expectations!!  Also, the war of Apple with other brands of market will continue because at the same time as of iPhone 6 release other beasts like Galaxy S6, Note 4 and Xperia Z3 will hit the market. For every smartphone geek this competition is going to be interesting because we would see something bigger.