Know More about Galaxy Note 4 phablet

When it comes to releasing data on the devices it brings to the market, Samsung has more often than not been cage. However, Samsung has provided hints that suggest that phablet models are not as common as it is commonly believed. This may therefore explain why Apple has not been in a hurry to put into the market an iPhone with a big screen. Even so, Samsung in Samsung Tomorrow which is its promotional blog announced having shipped close to 10 million Galaxy note 3 phablets. In essence, phablets have been defined by phones that have screens with over 5 inches. This android phones make up to 21 percent of the Smartphones market

If the numbers revealed by Samsung are anything to go by, then it would be assumed that phablets are indeed as not as popular as people perceive them to be. According to those numbers, Samsung revealed that the big screened Note 3 Phablet only accounted for only 1/10th of 1/3rd of its 2013 sales. This also points out that oversized phones are not as attractive as those that are of a considerable size. As such Galaxy Note 4 will similarly attract sales made by its predecessor. Worth noting is the fact that most of the phablets sell in Asia and within South Korea.

According to IDC, there has been an indication that phablets account for similar minority of overall sales pointing out why Apple has not taken time to release big phones in the android phones market. That indicates that the remaining percentage is compromised low end devices. These low end devices have an average selling price of just $214.50.

According to rumors the next big Phablet which is Galaxy note 4 is one that is designed for the high end segment in the Smartphone market. One of the reasons why its creation has perked the tech arena’s interest is the amazing features that it is expected to feature. The device which will likely target professionals, is expected to have new-age technology. For example, Galaxy note 4 is expected to have a three-sided display that will enable users to read their messages from an angle. However, it’s still not yet clear whether the display will be a flexible one as yet. Other expected outstanding features include but are not limited to:

v Camera

Galaxy note 4 is expected to feature a 16MP ISOCELL camera. The integration of ISOCELL technology into Smartphones is a first in the industry. ISOCELL technology deals with individual pixel isolation. Such technology allows amazing quality in terms of photos taken by Smartphones and handsets. This quality is one that has not been experience with previous Samsung flagships.

v  Display

In the recent past, Samsung has been in the limelight for the innovative developments that it has been making in its displays. This explains why fans are sure of a major overhaul in the functionality of the Galaxy Note 4, more so in its screen technology.

v Design

As far as the design is in question, Galaxy note 4 will perhaps be sleeker and lighter than its predecessor. The tech giant may at last give it premium metallic accents too, something it is alleged to be doing with the Galaxy S5 as well.