New patent suggests Apple could follow Samsung’s lead for once

American multinational company Apple always remains in headlines, with media and analysts watching every move it takes and continuously predicting what it may lead to. The recent report came from a site Patently Apple, according to which Apple has recently received a patent in the creation of flexible sapphire displays made with the usage of liquid metal. The patent describes wrap-around displays that will be probably used in future for manufacturing of Apple devices.

Various shapes for wrap-around display were described by the patent which includes an elongated rectangle and hollow cylinder. The shape of the crystal seed would decide the shape of the display which is being created. The creation process for this kind of displays is very tedious; however in simple manner it can be understood as a process in which extraction of a sapphire crystal seed is done by using a crucible filled with molten liquid aluminum. The shape of the display would depend on the shape of the crystal seed. From couple of years, Apple is increasingly showing interest in this field which includes advanced sapphire displays.

Apple has already used sapphire in its last release which goes by the name iPhone 5S, the Touch ID fingerprint scanner sensor was covered by sapphire. In November 2013, to progress in this technology Apple even bought a sapphire display manufacturing company called as GT Advanced Technologies. There were even rumors for certain period of time that Apple may replace the Gorilla Glass display made by Corning which is used in iPhone for display protection by a sapphire display as sapphire is known to be virtually scratch resistant and dust proof.

Future of Sapphire display

In near future there is a probability that all other devices may also start coming with a sapphire display instead of corning Gorilla Glass which is nowadays generally used in every other Smartphone for screen protection. There are also rumors that the upcoming iPhone 6, which will be next release from Apple in its iPhone series line up, might come with a sapphire display instead of Corning Gorilla Glass. However, Apple may take long time in using all types of the wrap-around displays which can be seen in this patent.

Nevertheless, in a concept design made for the upcoming iPhone 6 from Apple we saw such wrap-around displays which points that Apple fans are already interested in such kind of technology with which such type of displays are possible. Apple can also use such type of displays in manufacturing of watches, which will be called iWatch that was being rumored from a long time.

With the filing of such patent Apple for once will be following its top rival Samsung in smartphone market as Samsung has previously manufactured Galaxy Round with such curved display and even LG has used the same display in G Flex Smartphone. However, Apple may come up with better products as compared to them as it has been always known for new innovations in the field of technology.

iPhone 6 – What is it going to be like?

Apple is going to be back with a back in the latter half of 2014 with its newest release, iPhone 6. This phone has generated gossip and rumours about itself that are unmatched and also make the fans wait for yet another Smartphone that will blow their minds away. It has been said that this edition of the iPhone is all set to sweep the land underneath the user’s feet as it is going to be a revision of every little thing that the iPhone has offered in the past, right from the design to the processor and what not.


It is anticipated that the iPhone 6 will feature a bigger screen than all of its previous phones. While they have 4 inch screens, this one might be 4.9. With the brewing competition from Samsung, Sony and HTC, Apple had to have a bigger screen to cope with the expectation that one has from a premium Smartphone. Other rumour has it that this handset is ridding itself off the good old iconic home button and replacing it with a Retina scanner. Also the touch unlock feature that they have excelled at will prevail in the new handset as well.

The display is allegedly going to be full HD that will promote better quality videos and photographs while enhancing the user experience. There were slight rumours of a flexible wrap-around display, but now sources have suggested that it is feature that will be saved for the next few editions. Although there were rumours that the iPhone 6 will feature an unbreakable display to solve the problem of many users who cannot use their phone without dropping it one in a way. It will be made of sapphire glass and will increase the strength of the phone.

What’s more? The company might produce three varieties of casing for the phone. Although the debate against it is that it is a very difficult task to make changes in the size of the cases. One of the most popular of these rumours is that it might have a liquid metal case as it is somewhat the USP of the device.

Coming to the operating system that the phone will run by default, it is said that the iOs 8 will be the new thing for it. Given the excitement and the buzz that was created by the iOs 7, and all the rumours of the different features of the 8, it will definitely take the user by surprise. The processor that will run the phone is the A8 quad-core chip that will be much faster, better and easier to use. The battery life and the speed of tasks will be increased to give the users a much better overall experience and also to have the edge over all competition.

It is also anticipated that the phone will have a 13 mega pixel sensor camera and will produce wonderful quality images for the user to enjoy. To add to it, the wireless charging feature is another boon to many who have been waiting for the handset.

We cannot confirm what will actually be present on the phone and what will get eliminated. The release will let the people know if all the rumours are going to turn to reality. But what can be told for sure is that the phone is going to be one of a kind and is bound to attract customers to the brand. You can always check our website for latest updates on iPhone and its development.