Why Android Phones are good for gaming

AS we know, Android is the most widely used and popular operating system for the mobile devices. Approximately, more than one million new Android devices are activated worldwide every day. One of the reasons for the popularity of Android smartphones may be due their awesome gaming experience along with other features. As when we get bored in doing our any particular work, our Android smartphones may provide some awesome experience to get relaxed. So in this tutorial, I am going to discuss why Android smartphones are good for gaming purpose.

Higher RAM Memory

Most of the good Android smart phones are powered by a high capacity RAM memory, usually these days most of the android phones are ranging from 1GB to 2GB of RAM memory and this amount of RAM is sufficient to run and play the high quality HD games with high quality graphics without any lag. As we all know, if the device is powered by with higher Ram, then it would be easier to run the apps smoothly. So when we deal with big size high end games with advanced graphics feature, the RAM of the device is very vital feature and that’s why Android smart phones are chosen by most of the gamers.

Faster Processor Speed

Now-a-days Android smartphones can offer amazing speed as they not only sports dual core processors but few of the high end Android devices are also coming with quad core processors. At the beginning Android devices were powered by Atrix processor and many other single core processors which were slow, but now they offer an amazing speed to your smart phone due to multi core powered processors.

Larger Display

Gone are the days, when the screen size of the smart phones was limited to a maximum of 3.2 inches only. These days most of the Android smartphones sports a bigger screen size ranging from 3.5 inches upto 5-6 inches. So it’s obvious that, if the screen size is big then you will experience greater amount of fun while gaming. This factor plays a vital role as people love to have bigger size smart phones which can provide them awesome gaming experience.

Availability of large number of games

In Android, most of the games can be downloaded easily from the play store and the best thing is that most of them are free to download and play. So, you have a wide range of choices to download and install many games in your Android smart phone.

Rooting – provides Customization

In case,if  your Android smart phone is not performing well in gaming due to any default Kernel issue limited by the manufacturer, then you can root you smart phone very easy and install many other kernels in your device which may provide better performance.

So, these were few of the reasons why people often love to play the games in their Android smart phones other than choosing any other operating system for gaming purpose.