How to download torrents on Android and iOs

Torrents have been one of the best things that happened to mankind. It is unbelievable to see how much people depend on them for all sorts of things. Right from many educational videos to entertainment. Torrent cater to almost everything that there is on the planet. With the advancement and development of technology, people have now moved to smart phones and tablets for entertainment. So have the torrents. This article will give the reader an insight into how he needs to download torrents on an Apple and Android device.

download torrents-for-Android


Considering Android is one of the most popularly used operating system, torrents have made their way into it. The downloading of a torrent on an Android device is one of the easiest things to do. It is just a matter of a few simple steps:

–          Go to the Google Play Store and download aDownloader. There are many free options that are available, but this is the best to use and there is no download throttling.

–          The next step is to configure the location of the saved files. The user has to enter the path manually but it is not difficult to figure it out.

–          Then the user needs to open a browser and enter a download repository and then type the name of the desired torrent.

–          Skipping the first few results of the search and then examining the size, age, health and seeders is the next step of the process.

–          After finding the most attractive torrent, tap the torrent link. It is essential that the user does not press any other buttons in the process.

–          Then the downloaded file will appear on the notification from where the media can be obtained.

These are 6 simple ways to get the best torrents onto the Android device and enjoy all kinds of media on it. It eliminates the carrying of heavy laptops and other such things.


After rejecting the BitTorrent application for its app store, Apple has made it look shady for itself in the category of smart phones. But not many people know that there are ways to download torrents on to an Apple handset. All one needs to do is install VuzeBitTorrent Client and the iZureus extension.

After installing both of them, the user needs to go to ‘Tools > Plugins > Installation Wizard.’ Then he needs to select ‘By list from’ and scroll down to find ‘Azureus HTML WebUI.’ This is a plugin that the user needs to install. The last part of it is to open a browser on the phone, and enter in the address bar and the user can access the regular Azureus HTML interface. Then he needs to go to Vuze’s ‘Preferences > Plugins > HTML WEB UI’ and enter a password. Then he is good to go with all the torrents that he needs.

It is true that Apple is a little conservative when it comes to third party software and intervention in the app store, but for those users who are die hard Apple fans they can use this method to easily get their work done.

5 Cool Uses for Your Old Android Phone

If you’ve got an old-fashioned and outdated Android phone lying around, than there are ample of amazing things you can do with your extra smartphone. Although you may feelthat you old phone is useless but we have come up with five fabulous uses for your old Android device.

  1. A media streaming gadget and player (Music Player)

Many old smartphones either come with a lot of internal storage space or have expandable external memory card slots. All you need to do is load your outdated Android phone with your all-time favorite and evergreen songs and use it as a Music-Player to play the songs whenever you feel boring and out-of-world. Also it can use your home Wi-Fi to stream videos or music. As it will have no sim cards attached to it, so if you are listening to your favorite songs while you are at work than you won’t get disturbed by calls or messages.

  1. Smart Remote Control

Easily available and Freely Downloadable apps can turn your outdated smartphone into a smart remote control for your computer, media player, or TV.It also includes fanatical remotes for WMC, WMP, NetFlix and Spotify. If you peep into Google Play Store you can also find keen Wi-Fi remotes for many Smart TVs too.

  1. A kids’ toy / Baby Monitor

Kids will always enjoy and love touch screen phones and to play variety of games available on it no matter how old your smartphone is. Also if you need to keep an eye on your baby than there are number of noteworthy applications available on googleplay which you can download on your phone so that you can connect it up to your IP camera and ultimately you can keep an eye on apple of your eye. Also you can have a constant look at your home for security purpose.

  1. Digital photo frame

Your Android tablet would serveattractively as a digital photo frame. Using the slideshow option on your device or by using apps like picassa or Flickr you can display those photos wherever you’d like. Also it can works great as a mirror if your smartphone has a front-facing camera.

  1. Alarm Clock and Portable games console

If you have a child and you want to keep him/her busy with anentertaining/puzzling gamethan your old smartphone can be better. There are thousands of game apps available for free and you can download them. Also you can use your phone as an alarm clock to wake you up in your busy schedule and to avoid any mess up of things. Also you can set reminders to remember lots of things that you didn’t needs to forget.

So that was the best ways we have listed out to give your phone a brand new purpose thus saving your lot of money. Let us know if you find any interesting way (apart from the above listed) to utilize your waste phone in a best way.

Nokia Normandy a low cost android phone

The Android operating system is currently the most used one and many devices have started making use of it as it can hold any number of apps on it. Nokia was the one that was yet to make use of this platform and they are currently in the process to create the new Normandy phone that can run in android platform and it has been reported that it will be a low cost mobile that can be available at the price rate of Nokia Asha. Nokia has come with a new Normandy Android phone that will be available for a very cheap price rate when compared to other Android phones in the market. Nokia was completely changed into a Windows platform phone in the past days, yet, Nokia has now come up with brand new Normandy Android phone that will be replacing the other Android phones in the near future. This device is said to be developed from the recent Android platform that can be loaded with the popular apps from the Android appstores. This low cost Android phone will be the competitor for the Nokia Asha and it will be nearly equal with all the features of Nokia Asha.

Normandy – The Asha Competitor

The Android version in the new Nokia Normandy will be a modified one like the Amazon Kindle range. The Android operating system in this phone can be used to download any number of Android apps and it completely depends upon the storage space left in the device. The news that has hit the internet is that one can attach micro SD cards up to 16gb to this device that can indeed make this device run many apps at a time without any lag in it. Running multiple apps at a time is really a great experience and it can make one to easily swipe between apps on their Android phone. Getting this feature in a very low cost is really a great gift and Nokia is making it happen with their brand new Normandy Android phone.

Features of Normandy

This new Normandy Android phone will hit the market in the year 2014 and it will have all the great features of an Android phone installed in it. The notification bar in this phone can be found even on the lock screen in the rectangular shape. This feature can also be found on the Nokia Asha. The main difference between both the phones are the User Interface and the apps that can be used in them. The User Interface in Normandy will be a refreshing one and it will definitely hold the icons to launch the apps. The Normandy can be used to run big apps like Skype and some high-end games. This phone will definitely be a gift for any Android phone lovers as it will be providing all the features of an Android phone in a very low price rate. Although it is said to be a competitor with the Nokia Asha itself, it will be a unique Android phone with a slim design.