PlayStation 4 Features and Price in India

Sony  launched the PlayStation 4, its fourth generation gaming console in USA a month ago and now Sony has announced that they launching it in the Indian market for Rs 39,990. The gaming beast will be available in stores starting January 6, 2014.

PlayStation 4 India
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Sony also said that the PlayStation camera will be retailed at Rs 4,990, The PS4 controller is been priced at a whooping Rs 4,990 in India. PS4 exclusive titles Knack and Killzone: Shadow Fall shall be available at a cost of Rs 3,999.

The PlayStation 4 is powered by an eight-core AMD jaguar Processor, and gets a 500GB disk drive, 8GB of unified memory, integral Blu Ray drive and also the new DualShock 4 controller. The PlayStation 4 additionally features 802.11 b/g/n WiFi connectivity choice, ana port, Bluetooth 2.1, and 2 USB two.0 ports.

The PlayStation 4 was initially launched in November for USD 399 within the US vice market. The most-awaited gaming console, the PlayStation 4 sold-out over twenty one lakh units within 2 weeks, i.e. fifteen days on the market, after its Nov 15 debut in North America and Sony declared that it had been on aim to hit a worldwide target of fifty lakh units by March.

Sony has streamlined the PS4’s on-screen interface, and also the menu features large app and game icons in an exceedingly gymnastic apparatus with another line of smaller icons on top of it that allow users to connect with different gamers, mess around with system settings and access the PlayStation Store, to transfer new games and purchase or rent multimedia content.

The launch lineup includes twenty two games to draw in fans of almost any genre, from military shooters to sports simulations to family-friendly adventures together with “Killzone: Shadow Fall,” and “Drive Club”. It additionally offers media apps, together with Hulu and Netflix.

The PlayStation 4 competes strongly with the Xbox One, Microsoft’s next-generation gaming console, that has been priced a $100 higher then Sony’s PlayStation 4. Microsoft conjointly claimed it sold-out 10 lakh units in in twenty four hours following its November 22 unleash.

Are you the one to get your hands on PlayStation 4? Is it worth the price in India or Xbox one is something that might make give a second thought on this gaming beast? Lets discuss in the comments below.

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