Tips To Increase the Time between Mobile Charges

Do you find yourself stopping more often at malls and departmental stores just to charge your mobile? Almost everyone with smartphones must have had similar experiences. The fun of high-end smartphones comes with a price – exceptional battery usage. How would like solutions to increase battery life and decrease the number of times you charge your phone? Here are some tips to help you with that:

Turn on Auto-brightness: All iPhones have ambient light sensors that help in adjusting brightness of the screen in accordance to the light of the surrounding. This does not drain the battery too much. But, the brightness adjustments make it easy to see in different lighting conditions.

Reduce Screen Brightness: You can adjust the default brightness of your smartphone to save battery. The brighter the default screen, the more battery it consumes. So, keep the screen dimmer to save battery.

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Keep it cool: Only a few us would know that keeping your phone from hot sun could save a considerable amount of charge. So, try to keep your phone in cool places while you go outside. Try to keep your phone inside your pocket or away from a sunny windowsill. You will definitely save some battery.

Turn off the features and applications you don’t need: Think of the features that you are currently using and switch off the apps that you do not need at the moment. If you are not using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or GPS, you should turn those off.  You must keep a watch on the phone features that you are using. Make it a point to turn those off when you are not using those.

Update your phone’s software and apps: Keeping your apps updated is one of the ways to save phone’s battery. So, you should keep all the applications in your phone updated.

Closing background apps always help: There are people who have the habit of keeping their favourite app in the background for faster access. However, this may be one of the reasons for your poor battery life. So, avoid that at all cost.

Stop motion and disable dynamic backgrounds: Background motion is a very interesting feature of iPhones. If you move your iPhone, the app icons and background image move independently of one another as if on different planes. This parallax effect is cool but drains a lot of battery. Similarly, you must disable dynamic backgrounds, better still, do not choose dynamic background at all.

These are a few cool tips that can help you reduce power usage. There may be many other tricks that you can use to save battery power. Some of these are –

  • Preventing background app refresh
  • Turning off location settings
  • Staying out of poor signal areas
  • Using Airplane mode when necessary
  • Using power management software

If you have tried everything but still are not saving charge satisfactorily, you must use buy a battery case. A battery case doubles up battery life and gives you that extra hour to talk or do something important on your phone.

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