The Amazing Specifications of the New Galaxy Note 4

Samsung has made known its intention of introducing a new Samsung galaxy note 4 in the market later in the year. The rumors have it that the note will be coming out sometime in September, judging by the previous history of the others in the series’ release dates. The new galaxy note 4 is expected to come with even better specifications in comparison to the previous note 3 that came to the market in September 2013. This previous note has been told to be the most spoken of so far in the inventory of Samsung notes because its features were just remarkable. The market was quite receptive judging by the sales to price ratio. Samsung have been at the top of this game and the fans stand to be surprised by what is in store for them.


Some of the Features:

  • Processor

It is rumored that the new Samsung galaxy note 4 will come with a true Octa-core processor that will carry 64-bit chipset. With such a processor, you can also imagine the speed that this Samsung note 4 will be operating in.

  • Display

It has been rumored that Samsung will produce Samsung galaxy note 4 that has a 3-sided display. This would be an amazing thing and not to name the least, the first in the field of smart phones. Many people have been waiting eagerly for this. It is a model that Samsung has displayed in the past but its use will be put into practice for the first time in this world of smart phones. However, more rumors have it that Samsung may not necessarily go for this display. This is per the word of analysts who think in the line of Samsung weighing their options in terms of risk-taking. This is because they would be experimenting with their top sell in the market, something they may not necessarily want to gamble with. Word has it that they may all together launch a new product with the display in the market.

  • RAM

It has been confirmed that the new Samsung galaxy note 4 will carry a 4GB RAM. This was actually expected especially since the predecessor, note 3 carried a 3GB RAM. It has been marked that for every product that Samsung brings to the market, it tries to have its modifications even stronger so that they can maintain their competitive edge.

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