Download samsung PC suite for Windows 7/8/MAC

Hello friends, here I am back again with some new downloading tips regarding Samsung PC Suite. You might have gone through my previous articles where I discussed the ways to install and Download Android Apps for PC. Now, in this article I am steering towards PC Suites, especially Samsung PC Suit. You might be wondering why I have specifically chosen Samsung PC Suite when there are dozens of other mobile companies in the android market. The answer is simple, and you knew it too! Here is another question for you, and don’t feel puzzled as this question will clear all your doubts. How many of your friends have Samsung smart phones? See, you got your answer, right? More than 50% of current smart phone users have shown their confidence in Samsung. So, when it comes to smart phones, there is no doubt in the popularity and market expansion results of Samsung Company. In fact, it is going to be the number one brand in the smart phone industry where other companies such as Nokia, Motorola, HTC, and other brands are not portraying such luminous future.

Enough has been said about the company; let’s now come to the main point, i.e. How to Download Samsung PC Suite for Windows 7/8/Mac. But, before that, those who want to know “WHY” before moving forward to “HOW”, here is a small description. Samsung PC Suite, also known as Samsung PC Studio is used to connect your Samsung Phone with your personal computer. You not only able to connect the phone, but also control your phone using your PC. Check your mobile folders, transfer media, installation of any software, internet usage through PC are some of the tasks that you can do through this software. For detailed information about Samsung PC Suite go through the features section below.

samsung pc suite

Features of Samsung PC Suite:

The first thing you should know about this software is how to connect your mobile to your PC. The user can connect his/her mobile via three different ways: infrared, Bluetooth and USB connection. Use your data cable to connect through the USB port on the computer with your mobile, and to use infrared and Bluetooth connection, Add a Bluetooth enabled device on your computer and Enable infrared connection first, so that you can use these features.

Once you figure out which method you going to use, connect your phone to the PC. If you successfully able to connect your mobile to the PC, you will see an interface displaying bookmarks to all the tools. You can easily navigate through this interface, even if you are a novice in the field of technology.

Update Phone’s Softwares

This tool can also be used to update softwares of your phone. All you need is a click and rest the tool manages itself. Its easy user interface is the specialty of this tool, and that’s why many people recommend it too.

Use Phone as Modem

connect phone through samsung pc suite

Another feature that has been practiced by many users is using the phone as a modem. Yes, you can easily connect to the internet by making your phone as a modem. There is no rocket science you have to apply to do this, Samsung PC Suite will do that for you.

Backing up Data

Important data on your phone can be saved through this software in no time. You can back up your files, documents, contacts and even SMS using Samsung PC Suite.

How to Download Samsung PC Suite for Windows 7/8/MAC:

No matter how far you are away from technology, and what you know about the computers, you can easily download Samsung PC Suite in no time. There are no such steps that I need to discuss here because once you click on the download link, it will automatically navigate through the process till the end.

download samsung pc suite

Here is the link: Download Samsung PC Suite for Windows 7/8/MAC

Once you have finished the download, click on the icon to download the software. I guess, that’s all that you need to know right now about Samsung PC Suite. In the next section, I’ll be here with new software, its features and installing tips and tricks. Till then, take care and keep exploring new things.


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