Nokia Lumia 525 is going to be the Game changer for Nokia in India

When it comes to windows phone Nokia is the most popular brand in India. There are several renowned brands such as HTC and Samsung but due to the previous experience and existing infrastructure Nokia is being most popular in the Indian market. In case of Indian market windows phones are the part of an oligopoly. Most of the products are differentiated from one another by promotion and brand name. Nokia Lumia has introduced Lumia 525, the newest member of the family in the last month, which is already quite popular among the users. Nokia Lumia 525 is one of the most awaited phone of the year. The previous version of this phone was Lumia 520, which was the most selling windows phone in India and because of this reason this phone has a quite huge expectation in the very beginning stage. Here are some features which makes it different from the Nokia 520:

  • The new Nokia Lumia 525 comes with a dedicated 1 GB RAM, the previous version of the phone was powered by 512 MB RAM. The difference is quite visible while playing HD games or streaming video.
  • The back cover of the phone is not scratch resistant and glossy. Till now the mat finish version is not available in the market.
  • The price of the phone is around 2000 bucks more than the older version.
  • The phone comes with 4 inches LCD display.

These are some distinguishable features which can be observed in the new Nokia Lumia 525.

Other features of Lumia 525:

Processor: this phone is powered by 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4. This dual core processor is fast at the same time it takes care of the lack power consumption factor also.

Camera: this phone comes with a 5 Megapixel camera. As most of the users know the camera and display is one of the main features of Nokia Lumia series, this phone is not an exception of that trend.

Battery: this phone comes with a powerful 1430 mAh battery. This phone can be used two days with heavy usage (including video streaming and gaming).

RAM: as it has been mentioned before, this version comes with a 1 GB DDR3 RAM which makes this version of the phone faster, smoother and comfortable than the previous version. There is no lag at all in the phone for multiple usage.

Operating System: Nokia Lumia 525 comes with windows 8, this is the latest version of windows phone one can have till date. According to many market analysts after overtaking the Nokia, Microsoft is more focused on the Indian market, so can expect more update and easily available after sell service in the upcoming years. Most of the popular softwares are available for this phone also.

Other features: the phone is currently available in four colors: black, orange, yellow and white. The 4 inches, attractive and bright screen of the phone is quite attractive for gadget freaks.

Here are some in general information about the newly launched Nokia 525.

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