Here’s how Android looks on Nokia Normandy

I had never imagined that I will have to write this update on my blog. Because I always believed Nokia is a powerful phone maker that would never descend.

But things have changed since past few months. Microsoft acquired Nokia’s mobile business and Nokia started implementing their Windows Phone operating system.

It did not end there itself. Nokia also tweeted that it has discontinued the support for its Symbian and MeeGo apps.

And now, we have started getting leaks on how Google’s mobile operating system Android will look on Nokia’s smart phone, codenamed – Nokia Normandy.

If a tipster is to be believed, the smart phone is still under research and prototypes and shall see a day of light this fall, or next year.

Even though the tipsters have been pretty accurate, there is no 100% confirmation on whether an Android powered Nokia phone is a rumour or really a reality.

Check out this image running Android 4.4 KitKat on Nokia phone code-named “Normandy”

Nokia Normandy with Android 2

It would be very exciting to see what Android and Nokia bring to the consumers, with already iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One, LG G Flex into a tough competition to be on top of the list.

Of course, there are no words on its releasing, nor any vague idea on what would be its pricing range if at all it is released.

Still, looking at the leaks and images, we consider that Nokia Normandy, running Google’s Android operating system could range anything between INR 10,000 to INR 25,000; depending on its internal specifications and memory capacity.

If Nokia Normandy ever launches to the public, will you get one for yourself? Will Nokia running Android be a tough competition to the Samsung hardware running Android operating system?

Let us know what you think about Android powered Nokia Normandy in the comments below.

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