Samsung Galaxy Note 4 VS LG G3

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 VS LG G3

There was a time when Samsung was the only brand in India running on top in terms of Mobile industry. But today, the time has been changed. Many other brands are trying their best to bring their turn over above the Samsung. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and LG G3, both are Next-Gen Smart phones by Samsung and LG respectively. LG is a newbie in this category of mobiles but still it is doing a good job. These rumored phones are expected as the best from both the brands. We know that its difficult for you to stick to one, so here is the comparison of both the phones. Before comparing the specifications and features of these phones, let us tell you in brief about both the phones:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung, the name is enough to tell you that you phone is a branded piece in terms of design, functionality and other features. Samsung is well known for its service and user friendly interfaces in its mobiles. Every year, Samsung launches its phones (especially high-end phones). Last year, Samsung launched its Galaxy series phone, that’s Galaxy Note 3. We all know the response of it. It was no doubt a great hit. After the feedback of Note 3, Samsung is about to launch its Next Gen Smartphone that’s Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in 4th quarter this year to beat every other phone in competition. According to rumors, this phone will surely be the best smart phone in terms of specifications like its Interface, Speed, privacy and many other features.

Samsung Galaxy note 4
Samsung Galaxy note 4


Though LG phones were present in the market, but LG recently launched its high end phones last year. LG launched its G series Smartphone that is LG G2, and it was a bang. After some time, seeing the success rate, LG launched mini version of this phone that was LG G2 mini. In comparison to other mini android phones like Samsung S2 mini, HTC one mini, this Smartphone was also a great competitor. Since the G series is being liked by people, so LG is about to launch its next gen Smartphone that’s LG G3.

Now, let us see some of the comparisons in the features or specifications of both the phones.

Connectivity: Both of the phones will be having 2G/3G/4G connectivity with HSDPA and Wi-Fi. Galaxy Note 4 will be having Bluetooth v4.2 but LG G3 will have Bluetooth v4.0.

LG Smart Phones

Battery: 3500 mAh is expected in Note 4 while 2800 mAh only is expected with LG G3.

Camera: Note 4 will have a superb quality 16 MP primary and 3 MP secondary camera while LG G3 consists of 10MP Autofocus primary Camera with 3 MP front Camera.

RAM: Galaxy Note 4 might be having 4 GB RAM while LG G3 will have 2GB RAM only.

CPU: Samsung Note 4 will be given Hex Core processor and that too with 64 Bit Architecture but LG will only be able to provide G3 a Quad Core processor with 1.5 GHz.

Release date: Samsung Galaxy Note4 and LG G3 are expected to be launched in the 4th quarter of this year and 1st quarter of next year respectively. Though according to some sources, Samsung will launch Note 4 in September 2014 and LG G3 will be launched in February 2015.

Memory: Samsung Note 4 is expected to come in various models with 16/32/64 GB capacity and also offers Expandability with memory card option while LG G3 will be available in 32/64/128 GB. Though, it will also be having memory card slot.

Weight: Galaxy Note 4 is expected to be weighted around 140gm which is slightly heavy than LG G3 which is around 115gm.

Price: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be a high end phone with many more features, so is expected to be around $800, while LG G3 is expected to be around $500 only.

We tried our best to provide you all the necessary information to compare these two best smart phones. It was not an easy task to declare any one as winner. You may choose a Brand and its features or a value for money phone with a lower brand if you are budget restricted. Decision is up to you. We leave it up to you to decide which one is better according to you.


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