Release Date of the Google Nexus 6 Smartphone

The release dates of new Smartphones have always been at the highlight of the technology calendar.  Last year around November, the famous Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 were launched, which took all the Smartphone lovers dancing to the high heavens. Well, this is not because this came as a surprise, because, well, by the time it is released the tentative date has already been prospected, but because of the amazing features they came with. The main issue has always been to bring something stronger and more effective with as many apps as possible as the previous one.

Of the most famous then was the Nexus 4 with the highest sales to price ratio and it took the market with a bang! However, since man has been shown of the potential improvements in the world of technology, all the eyes are now focused on the new Google Nexus 6 Smartphone. It is not yet clear on the actual release date in the market, but analysts have speculated it to be around November, judging with the previous release dates.

The release which has been thought to happen in the 3rd quarter of the year has been met with several outcries from the fans. This is because already there are so many people who are crazy about this Google Nexus 6 specs. However, Google have also been keen on the needs and voices of its fans, and it is now rumored that the release date may change after all to the 2nd quarter of the year 2014!

However, the probability of this still remains untold completely.  For this to happen, Google will also have to consider the market needs so that they can satisfy their fans needs and meet their expectations at the same time. It is for this reason that the rumor of an earlier release has been going around.

Things to Expect From the Smartphone

You should expect to find even smarter and stronger features that will be at the top of the market demand. This is supposed to be trendy enough to attract as many clients as possible. It is said that Google had opened a website where fans were supposed to air their opinions and their expectations on the new Google Nexus 6 Smartphone. Some of these were compiled and brought together to create its concept. Patience is now the biggest virtue here for this remarkable introduction.

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