LG Announces Pocket Photo 2: We Take You For a Spin

LGs pocket printer, as the name suggests, is the most portable pocket printer in the world. As much as the size of a hard drive, the LG’s pocket photo printer just weighs 212 grams.

LG Pocket Photo 2

Previously around October 2013, the LG Pocket Photo 1.0 was launched. It is a highly portable pocket-sized printer which has the ability to pair with your phone via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or NFC and print your photos using its own LG app.

Pocket Photo NFC

Pocket Photo Bluetooth

The predecessor was compatible with iOS and Android, but the new version is also compatible with Windows phone.

Since the images printed through this device, are taken using your mobile phone (for most of the times though) the final printed image may appear a bit washed out than the ones you see on your phone’s display.

That is because, the images seen on your phone are backlit, this increases the contrast and makes the picture quality appear a bit better. However, that simply won’t be the case when you print your photos!

The LG Pocket Photo 2 claims to print better images than its older cousin since the image quality for this version is set to 600 dpi than the earlier 313 dpi.

Pocket Printing

How it Works?

Inkless paper that is exclusively made for the LG Pocket Photo is placed inside the printer. Once that is done, the power is turned on.

Pocket Photo Print Quality

The next thing is to pair it up with your phone (Windows Phone, iOS, Android) via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or NFC. LG has its own app (available for free at the Play Store) which has the same name as this product; it allows you to edit the photo according to your preferences and print the photo accordingly.

Editing options include changing brightness, contrast, hue levels and adding Instagram like effects along with the same old regular editing options.

Once that is done, you can proceed to print your photo. The printing uses the ZINK technology which involves heating up certain chemicals to produce the image onto the paper (Inkless Paper). Your photo gets printed in just 45 sec.

Zero Ink

The LG Pocket Photo 2 is all set to go live in CES January 7, 2014 at Las Vegas. It will start shipping to retailers only around February.

How will the LG Pocket Photo 2 differ from its predecessor?

  • Extended its compatibility to Windows Phone OS
  • Prints come out to be more crisper than the previous one (600 dpi compared to previous 313 dpi)
  • Slimmer than the predecessor
  • Better battery life

What I like

  • Zero Ink (ZINK) feature: Means you wouldn’t need to carry the toner ink cartridge anymore!
  • Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi compatible
  • Print passport photos in less than a minute: No need to go to the photographer! 😉
  • Print 30 photos in one single charge!

Final words

The LG Pocket photo 2 is a highly portable photo printer; almost as small as your hard drive and can print 2” X 3” photos quite well.

Pocket Photo by LG
Practically, today, it’s quite rare for people to maintain a hard copy of their photos. If you ask me, the moment I finish clicking photos with my phone camera, or my digital camera, they’re straightway sent to my hard drive (or cloud storage) and I have a look at them whenever I feel like! So it might seem like an unwanted luxury for most of you out there!

The LG Pocket Photo 1.0 is available in India and costs between INR 13,000-15,000 and that means the LG Pocket Photo 2.0 won’t cost anything less than INR 20,000 which seems to be too costly to show off, isn’t it ;)?

On second thoughts, for those who still like to preserve their memories on photo, in hard copy, might find this an innovative device!

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The images above are courtesy of LG Image Gallery

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