How to Solve HTC One Capacitive Buttons Problem

The HTC One smartphone although looks very classy and contends well to be one of the best smartphones in the current smartphone market, it has got quite a lot of problems in itself.

One of the very common issue that several users have reported about, is the capacitive touch buttons which were not responding well. For most of them, it was until a several hits that the phone responded once.

HTC One Capacitive Buttons
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The HTC One Issue

The capacitive touch buttons not responding to the touch. The issue worsens when a screen guard is used, and the touch response gets far lesser then.

Solve the HTC One Capacitive button issue

Solution 1

According to a few users who confirmed, the company HTC was sending out a software update which could help resolve the issue, but again this won’t work for everyone because the root cause doesn’t remain the same for everyone. The update that would arrive would be a one with the xxx being your region code. We aren’t sure how widespread this update is as of now.

For example, 1.29.709.12(214.04MB) was an update sent to a user in Taiwan, which had the update notes including – “virtual button sensitivity adjusted”.

Solution 2

This one is just a trial to see if it really works and if the issue gets resolved quite a bit if the first one didn’t work out for you. You need to get a factory reset done on your HTC One. Here’s how you can do it.

1. Slide the Notifications panel open, and then tap Settings.
2. Tap Backup & reset.
3. Tap Reset phone.
4. If you also want to delete media and other data on HTC One, select Erase all data.
5. Tap OK

If at all these don’t work, the final option you would have to do is to take the advantage of your warranty, given through your seller or the carrier and get the device replaced or repaired.

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