How To Send Friend Requests When Blocked

We all know that how irritating it is when Facebook blocks you from sending friend requests when you send too many requests to people and they don’t accept it.

And it is even more irritating when you are blocked and you badly want to send request to a known person. And the least you can do is ask the person to request you back.

Every one has been asking who will come up with a trick to send requests even when we are blocked. Well, stop wondering, we are!

This is a working legal trick to send friend request to your mutual friends and unknown people even if you are BLOCKED.

Get Started

1. Get the person’s email address first. Come on guys its not so difficult.

2. Visit Add Personal Contacts as Friends

3. Here you can send friend request even if your are blocked by using their email address.

4. If you want to send friend request to lot’s of friends here is an quick and easy way to do this.

5. Open up a new notepad file, paste all your friends email separated by comma (,)

6. Save the notepad file with the extension .vcf

7. This is your list of your contact files containing your friends email address.

8. Visit the Facebook page to add your vcf file

8. Go to Add Personal Contacts as Friends click on the last option other tools there you can find upload contact file.

9. Browse your .vcf file and upload to the Facebook link given above.

10. It will send request to your friends by email automatically.

Just to make sure this method really works when you are blocked, I went ahead and got myself blocked for 2 days, and tried the above steps. Yep, you guess it right. It did work for me and I was able to send 3 requests at the same time using the .vcf file.


Many people contacted me asking how to find a person’s email address? No doubt that is the most important thing if you need to send friend request even when you are blocked.

So here is the solution for you guys and I hope it will work for you. Please send feedbacks on it.

Click here to know how to find a person’s email address.

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