How to Remotely Flash Files into your Android Device

Flashing files into your android device has become a common task in the new era of modification. People like to flash files for purposes like applying different desirable themes, and unofficially updating their Android OS to initiate change into their lives.

All this is very time consuming and also requires many accessories (Data cables), that if lost; can create quiet a difficult situation as the whole plan rests on the connection of the android device with the PC.

Remotely flash files on Android
Credit: XDA

Furthermore, flashing files via a data cable can be very irritating; both devices have to be at the same place to be connected to each other, both devices have to be fully charged for flashing without interruption, and the devices must be compatible with each other. All these requirements are sometimes very hard to meet. Luckily, a recognised member of XDA, has devised a fairly easy and fast method to flash files.

This will need no data cables, no close interaction between the PC and the android device, and no need to lose battery by switching places. Okay now, you must be wondering what the remoteflash is now.

Remoteflash will flash the required files from the PC to the android device over Wifi. This process requires the downloading of two files, one on your android device, and one on your PC (that stores the files you want to flash). A simple java application can be downloaded to act as a client on the PC, and an APK file will be downloaded on the android device.

1. You will need the Java application that is to be run on your PC
2. You will need the Remoteflash APK that is to be run on your android device
3. You will need Wifi
4. Disconnecting of all the other devices from the WiFi that are not to be involved in flashing.
5. Charged battery (90% should be taken as standard)
6. Open recovery script is recommended to recover by the developer.

How to flash files to Android Phone

When you download the APK file onto your android device, you must reboot the device so APK can start running. Now, you run the java application and hit ‘Auto Scan’.

Now, this is the important part; you must make sure that both the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi, or else this won’t work. The scanning time can vary, but mostly it hooks up within 2 minutes tops.

After connecting, you will be given an option to connect with the device you want; choose the android device you want to flash your files on.

Now, check the Wipe Data/Cache option and hit ‘Go’. After this you will be asked what files to flash, you must select the files you want to flash from the directory and Bingo! After the flash is complete, it’s the usual protocol.

Just reboot and the flashed files will be present. Further details can be seen at the original thread of XDA developers if problems are encountered.

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