How to Read eBooks on Windows 8

This post will help you read eBooks on Windows 8 devices. The tutorial is valid for eBook types EPUB, PDF and Kindle.

More and more people today have moved to Windows 8’s camp, largely out of curiosity and its chic metro-style interface, which delivers us a brand-new feeling with the fusion of traditional computers and tablets.

Among several versions of Windows 8, ARM version comes for tablets / smartphones, which exclusively support ARM-processor-based apps whereas other versions are theoretically compatible with all Windows applications.

To be specific, 41 people have asked me how to read different types of eBooks on Windows 8 devices. So I have decided to gather some information and type them down for you.

This artcle will cover how to read eBooks (EPUB / PDF / Kindle) on standard Windows 8 devices (including Windows Surface Pro).

ebooks on windows 8

Read eBooks on Windows 8

1. Read EPUB books on Windows 8

Many professional reading apps originally supporting EPUB formats have already released Win 8 version, such as Nook for Win 8 / RT and Kobo for Win 8 / RT. Others like Sony for PC and Calibre can be installed on Win 8 OS as well.

In addition, you can also read EPUB eBooks with another reading app, Metro Reader, which is said to be the first reading app for Windows 8 OS, if you hate to be confined to some eBook stores. Metro Reader also supports TXT formats and is for sale Windows app store.

Metro Reader for Windows 8

For purchased eBooks (excluding Kobo / Sony / Nook / Kindle eBooks), which are mostly DRM protected, we are likely to switch to Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) as above reading apps can’t work in this case.

However, there is no ADE for Win 8 available (for the time being) and current ADE 2.0 requires .Net 3.5 on your computer. Fortunately, previous ADE 1.7 can be installed on Win 8 and enable readers to read Adobe DRM protected books.

2. Read PDF books on Windows 8

Almost all reading apps supporting EPUB work on PDF as well, except for Metro Reader, which only work for eBooks formatted in EPUB and TXT. One professional PDF reader for Win 8 is Adobe Reader, and it is free in Windows app store.

Adobe Reader for Windows 8

Adobe Reader offers many functions to maximize users’ reading experience such as password-PDF support (non-DRM), words/images zooming, etc. Similarly, you can turn to Adobe Digital Editions (1.7) if you need to read DRM-protected PDF books on Windows 8.

3. Read Kindle books on Windows 8

One thing we have to mention is to read Kindle books on Windows 8. Yes, it’s a piece of cake since Amazon has released Kindle for Win 8, as what it has done on other platforms.

Kindle for Windows 8

Steps to read Amazon Kindle books on Windows 8

#1 Download and install Kindle for Win 8 / RT app on Windows 8. #2 Register Kindle for Win 8 app with your Amazon account. Once you have registered your Kindle app on Win 8, all your purchased Kindle books will be synced automatically.

Things will be a bit cumbersome, nevertheless, if you have already got a Win 8 ARM device, say the hot MS Surface RT. Compared to a heap of android reading apps, there are far fewer reading programs in Windows Metro app store. The absence of ADE for Win 8 / RT makes it even tougher to read DRM-protected eBooks on mobile devices running Win 8.

In this case, you will have to firstly rely on DRM removing tools such as Calibre plugins and free ePubee to make your books DRM free and then read with Win 8 reading apps. Well, this case actually explains to us why full Windows 8 is a better pick to some extent.

Have you adopted Windows 8 on your personal computer yet? Do you read eBooks on Windows 8 powered devices?

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