How to Fix Galaxy S4 Heating Problem – Causes & Solutions

Although many of the satisfied Galaxy S4 users might beg to differ, it must be acknowledged that the galaxy S4 does have an overheating problem. Reports say that this is usually encountered after using the camera, playing games, browsing the web, or even just having a couple of conversations on WhatsApp!

After some testing, the conclusion we reach to is; after checking the mail or making 2-3 consecutive calls, the device heats up to 37 degrees Celsius, and after playing games for 45 minutes, the device heats up to 50 degrees Celsius which is unbearable for the users. Many thought that the new chip would be somewhat resistant to the heating, but this was not the case.

Anyway, there’s no use complaining about this irritant. Let’s get some answers to the Galaxy S4 Heating Problems.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems
Credit: Samsung Gallery

Galaxy S4 Heating Problems

When you swipe down for the notification area, some options are displayed above which include the connectivity options like the GPS, Wi-Fi, Airplane mode and many other options. When initiated, these options can heat the phone at a fast rate and also drain the battery of the phone.

To avoid overheating and a dead battery, you should keep the heating options off (Air gesture, smart scroll, air view etc) or just use them when you need them. This will surely make a difference to the heating problem and hopefully counter some of it.

GSam is a useful app you can use to deal with the dreadful heating problem, although this won’t affect the problem directly. Using GSam, you can monitor the battery drainage rate and also the heating rate of the phone.

By reading the lines, you can detect when your phone is in overheating threat or battery loss, and take action accordingly. GSam is available in the Google Play store for free.


Heating while charging

Most users have also reported that the Galaxy S4 heats up even when charging. This a very common problem among many phones. The solution to counter is to charge the phone while it is off.

Charging it while it is on will heat it and drain battery as the battery decreases when the phone heats. So, the phone must be charged while it is off. This will solve the problem of heating whilst charging and also increase phone performance.

Other alternative Solutions

Other alternative solutions that can be considered is dimming your screen brightness, this will lessen the work load and cool the phone down. Another way to solve this problem is to download battery Saving apps, that will save power in numerous ways like activating Wi-Fi only when in range.

This will also cool the phone down and also save battery. If all these solutions still don’t solve your heating problem, and you’re done with tolerating it, the last option you come to is either to call your retailer or Samsung in hope that they will exchange the device, or sell your S4 and buy other products that are overheating-proof.

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