How to Avoid Friend Request Ban from Facebook

Do you feel angry when Facebook blocks you for 7 days or even further, 30 days? Fret not because you are not the only one. There are thousand other Facebook users who feel the same.

And the below pop-up is one of the most irritating thing that can happen to a Facebook user.

Remove Facebook Request Ban


Why am I blocked for so many Days?

Well, the simple reason is, you sent too many friend requests to someone who did not accept your request and went unanswered. This is so that you will send requests to the only person that you know in real life.

Make sure you use real name and real profile image so people can recognise you when you send them the friend request.

How can I prevent Facebook from giving me friend requests Ban notice?

Now, here is a simple logic, Facebook will not ban you for having a single unanswered friend request. So, you will need to cancel the remaining friend requests that you have sent.

Follow the below steps to remove the Ban from your Facebook Profile:

1. Click on Friends icon, then select “See all”

Unblock Facebook Friend Request


2. Now click on “View Sent Request”

Unblock Facebook Ban

You can also directly click on this link to go on View Sent Request.

Here, you will find a list of all the Facebook users you sent the request to but went unanswered.

3. Cancel the unwanted sent requests

Avoid Facebook Ban

Once you see all the users you want to cancel the friend request, click on the “Friend Request Sent” next to the users and click on “Cancel Request”.

This way you will cancel all the unwanted requests that you sent and for which Facebook blocked you from sending more Friend Requests.

As I said before, Facebook will ban you only if you have more than 3-5 unanswered requests, you can cancel all the requests keeping 1-2 untouched, if you want.

Once you have cancelled all the requests, you can now regain the original authority of sending requests.

But note:

It would be useless sending requests to people you don’t know, or you are aware that they won’t accept your request anyways.

It is always recommended to stay within limits and don’t get carried away in sending friend requests. If you ever get blocked again, or any of your friends get blocked, don’t forget to share with them this trick of avoiding Friend Request Ban on Facebook for those haunting 30 days.

Over to you:

I hope this tutorial will help people in regaining back their request sending authority. If you face any problem, comment down below. Share this article with your friends so they don’t miss on sending important friend requests.

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