What is the biggest addiction in smartphones?

More or less, but the fact is very true that people are getting addicted to their smart phones these days. Few years ago, mobile phones were devices which were only used to make and receive phone calls or text messages, but as technology keeps changes now mobile phones are doing a greater number of tasks, and that’s why people are getting addicted to them.

The major reason for the addiction of smartphones in the life of people is social connectivity, yes you heard right its social connectivity. There are hundreds of apps for the smartphones which provides you to connect with your near and dear ones. Few of the most popular and famous apps are Whatsapp – a widely used messaging app, FB Messenger – developed by the team of Facebook for twenty four hour connectivity with Facebook  through which you gets instant notifications in the form of chat heads if anybody leaves a message for you in Facebook,  Instagram – is a simple app which allows you to capture the pictures through the camera of your device and you can easily share your photos or videos with friends and followers in a photo feed, or directly send them to your friends.  There are many other similar apps like Twitter, Facebook, Tango Messenger, Hike, Google Plus, LINE etc.  Which are forcing people to use their smart phones frequently and knowingly or unknowingly users are getting addicted to these apps in their smart phones.

After easy social connectivity, the only thing which is making addicted to smartphones to a huge extent is Gaming. Yes, gone are the days when video gamers used to play their games only in big size screen computers and laptops with special configuration. Now a days, most of the people prefer to play the games in their mobile itself as it’s very easy and comfortable to play the games in your palm. That’s why most of the game developers are now mainly focusing to mobile gaming industry, as it is very much beneficial for them. In this regard you can see, in the store there are thousands of games for your smartphones developed by many developers. People are downloading and installing them with one click, and they are enjoying a lot while playing them. Few of the most popular games are Temple Run, Subway Surfers, candy rush Saga, cricket etc. So, these easy to play games are making people addicted to their smart phones in a greater extent.

Easy access of fast Internet is also one of the factors for letting people addicted to their smartphones. Now days nearly each and every smart phone device sports 3G connectivity and Wi-fi access. So, people are enjoying very fast Internet connection in their smart phones through which they can download their favorite contents like music, videos, games etc. in their devices. With fast internet connection, it’s very easy to watch the videos online or play the online games.

The other factors other than easy social connectivity and gaming which may play the role for making people addicted to their smart phones are the powerful features of Android phones, for example to watch a HD video, now you don’t need you laptop or desktop PC, rather than you can easily watch it in your smartphones itself. Stores are full with many useful multimedia apps like MX Player, VLC media player, Real Player, which can play any format of video in your device easily. Smartphones also provides a larger storage capacity, in which you can store, your favorite music and videos and when you are getting bored or you want some refreshment with work just plug your ear piece and listen to your favorite songs.

So these were the major factors which may leading to addict any individual to his/her smartphone, they may vary from particular user to user, for example someone may be more addicted to social networking than gaming or Internet.