How to Remotely Flash Files into your Android Device

Flashing files into your android device has become a common task in the new era of modification. People like to flash files for purposes like applying different desirable themes, and unofficially updating their Android OS to initiate change into their lives.

All this is very time consuming and also requires many accessories (Data cables), that if lost; can create quiet a difficult situation as the whole plan rests on the connection of the android device with the PC.

Remotely flash files on Android
Credit: XDA

Furthermore, flashing files via a data cable can be very irritating; both devices have to be at the same place to be connected to each other, both devices have to be fully charged for flashing without interruption, and the devices must be compatible with each other. All these requirements are sometimes very hard to meet. Luckily, a recognised member of XDA, has devised a fairly easy and fast method to flash files.

This will need no data cables, no close interaction between the PC and the android device, and no need to lose battery by switching places. Okay now, you must be wondering what the remoteflash is now.

Remoteflash will flash the required files from the PC to the android device over Wifi. This process requires the downloading of two files, one on your android device, and one on your PC (that stores the files you want to flash). A simple java application can be downloaded to act as a client on the PC, and an APK file will be downloaded on the android device.

1. You will need the Java application that is to be run on your PC
2. You will need the Remoteflash APK that is to be run on your android device
3. You will need Wifi
4. Disconnecting of all the other devices from the WiFi that are not to be involved in flashing.
5. Charged battery (90% should be taken as standard)
6. Open recovery script is recommended to recover by the developer.

How to flash files to Android Phone

When you download the APK file onto your android device, you must reboot the device so APK can start running. Now, you run the java application and hit ‘Auto Scan’.

Now, this is the important part; you must make sure that both the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi, or else this won’t work. The scanning time can vary, but mostly it hooks up within 2 minutes tops.

After connecting, you will be given an option to connect with the device you want; choose the android device you want to flash your files on.

Now, check the Wipe Data/Cache option and hit ‘Go’. After this you will be asked what files to flash, you must select the files you want to flash from the directory and Bingo! After the flash is complete, it’s the usual protocol.

Just reboot and the flashed files will be present. Further details can be seen at the original thread of XDA developers if problems are encountered.

How to Fix Galaxy S4 Heating Problem – Causes & Solutions

Although many of the satisfied Galaxy S4 users might beg to differ, it must be acknowledged that the galaxy S4 does have an overheating problem. Reports say that this is usually encountered after using the camera, playing games, browsing the web, or even just having a couple of conversations on WhatsApp!

After some testing, the conclusion we reach to is; after checking the mail or making 2-3 consecutive calls, the device heats up to 37 degrees Celsius, and after playing games for 45 minutes, the device heats up to 50 degrees Celsius which is unbearable for the users. Many thought that the new chip would be somewhat resistant to the heating, but this was not the case.

Anyway, there’s no use complaining about this irritant. Let’s get some answers to the Galaxy S4 Heating Problems.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems
Credit: Samsung Gallery

Galaxy S4 Heating Problems

When you swipe down for the notification area, some options are displayed above which include the connectivity options like the GPS, Wi-Fi, Airplane mode and many other options. When initiated, these options can heat the phone at a fast rate and also drain the battery of the phone.

To avoid overheating and a dead battery, you should keep the heating options off (Air gesture, smart scroll, air view etc) or just use them when you need them. This will surely make a difference to the heating problem and hopefully counter some of it.

GSam is a useful app you can use to deal with the dreadful heating problem, although this won’t affect the problem directly. Using GSam, you can monitor the battery drainage rate and also the heating rate of the phone.

By reading the lines, you can detect when your phone is in overheating threat or battery loss, and take action accordingly. GSam is available in the Google Play store for free.


Heating while charging

Most users have also reported that the Galaxy S4 heats up even when charging. This a very common problem among many phones. The solution to counter is to charge the phone while it is off.

Charging it while it is on will heat it and drain battery as the battery decreases when the phone heats. So, the phone must be charged while it is off. This will solve the problem of heating whilst charging and also increase phone performance.

Other alternative Solutions

Other alternative solutions that can be considered is dimming your screen brightness, this will lessen the work load and cool the phone down. Another way to solve this problem is to download battery Saving apps, that will save power in numerous ways like activating Wi-Fi only when in range.

This will also cool the phone down and also save battery. If all these solutions still don’t solve your heating problem, and you’re done with tolerating it, the last option you come to is either to call your retailer or Samsung in hope that they will exchange the device, or sell your S4 and buy other products that are overheating-proof.

How To Send Friend Requests When Blocked

We all know that how irritating it is when Facebook blocks you from sending friend requests when you send too many requests to people and they don’t accept it.

And it is even more irritating when you are blocked and you badly want to send request to a known person. And the least you can do is ask the person to request you back.

Every one has been asking who will come up with a trick to send requests even when we are blocked. Well, stop wondering, we are!

This is a working legal trick to send friend request to your mutual friends and unknown people even if you are BLOCKED.

Get Started

1. Get the person’s email address first. Come on guys its not so difficult.

2. Visit Add Personal Contacts as Friends

3. Here you can send friend request even if your are blocked by using their email address.

4. If you want to send friend request to lot’s of friends here is an quick and easy way to do this.

5. Open up a new notepad file, paste all your friends email separated by comma (,)

6. Save the notepad file with the extension .vcf

7. This is your list of your contact files containing your friends email address.

8. Visit the Facebook page to add your vcf file

8. Go to Add Personal Contacts as Friends click on the last option other tools there you can find upload contact file.

9. Browse your .vcf file and upload to the Facebook link given above.

10. It will send request to your friends by email automatically.

Just to make sure this method really works when you are blocked, I went ahead and got myself blocked for 2 days, and tried the above steps. Yep, you guess it right. It did work for me and I was able to send 3 requests at the same time using the .vcf file.


Many people contacted me asking how to find a person’s email address? No doubt that is the most important thing if you need to send friend request even when you are blocked.

So here is the solution for you guys and I hope it will work for you. Please send feedbacks on it.

Click here to know how to find a person’s email address.

Did you like this trick of sending friend request even when you are blocked? Share it with other people and bookmark it so that you can get hold of this article when you find yourself blocked again.

How to Cut Your Mobile Phone Bill

It is hard to imagine life without mobile phones these days. How can something so small become such a huge part of our lives? Mobile phones have become the major way to communicate with friends and family in recent years. This is particularly true for the younger generation, and those that lead lives that are so busy they are always on the go.

The only downside to using them so much is the bill. Sometimes when we have overused our mobile phones, all of our free minutes and text messages have been used up early on in the month, this means the bill that comes can be rather scary.

However, by being sensible and remembering just a few points you can make sure that your mobile phone bill does not become the thing of nightmares.

Check Your Tariff

First of all every mobile phone user must review the plan he or she is using. There are a number of different tariffs available so there is sure to be something to suit each individual need. You should do a little bit of research before making the final decision.

Like if you do not use the internet service on your mobile, you should avoid opting for a plan in which it is included as this can add a lot of money to your bill so you end up wasting your hard-earned cash on something you just do not need.

It is a fact that an estimated 800 million bucks a year are wasted by mobile phone users who sign up for the wrong tariffs. Some users fail to use their inclusive minutes or texts, which means they could go for the cheaper tariffs but they do not. And sometimes the story is just the opposite; many users overdo it each month and use up their free calls and texts too quickly.

This results in huge mobile bills and the stress of worrying how to pay for it. This is why before signing up to anything, users are advised to carefully think about their requirements and go for an appropriate plan.

There are many users who like to make calls, some like sending text messages while some are always busy on the internet. In this highly competitive industry, the mobile phone service providers have come up with different plans for different people.

Change Your Contract

After doing a little research on the internet, you can find the best deal for yourself quite easily. If you are going to sign up for a new network, you must be sure whether you need a new mobile phone or not.

If you do not need a new phone, you can choose a lower cost. There are plenty of service providers in the market offering new contract with a SIM card only. This can save several hundred bucks over the course of the year.

Change Networks

You can also reduce your mobile phone bills by considering what networks your friends and family use. If most of them use the same network that you are connected to it will definitely be helpful in reducing the bills.

However, it might be worth considering changing network provider if most of your contacts are with someone else as cross network calling charges are higher. You can also consider deals which offer free calls during certain hours.

I use Reliance (India) and all my friends and family use the same network. If you are quite aware of these things, you will know that Reliance to Reliance calling is absolutely free. So i do not get much bill other than rentals and Net plans.

By keeping these few things in mind, you will be able to reduce your mobile phone bills making them much more affordable.

What are your strategies to stay in budget when using it to the fullest? Are you satisfied with your network provider?