Download Minecraft for PC (Windows 7/8/MAC)

Hey Fellas, hope you are doing great and enjoying Android apps on your PC through my given download tutorial. In this tutorial, like my previous tutorials I am listing out an app or game for you which you can download on your PC. In this section, I will be talking about the game which has been very popular among Android users and now people want to play on larger platform i.e. Computers. The game has taken the gaming world by surprise and now this game has more users than any other game of this category. Yes, you are right, I am talking about Minecraft! If you have already played this game on your android phones, play stations or on another platform, you’ll surely look for a way to play it on your personal computer as well. Reason being the game has too much of addictive features that you can’t simply resist it.


If you are new to this game or haven’t played it in your past, don’t worry as I’ll share some of the salient features of the game so that you can get the basic idea what this game is all about.

Features of Minecraft:

As per the name, this game offers the player innovative and crafty challenges in which he/she has to build a construction zone using terra blocks. This is the task you have to do in the game, while in the game play, the player has to protect or guard his creation from hostile mobs and other co-players. The beauty of the game lies in its game play. The game offers the basic factors of life in very generalized form, and these factors can be grouped as- dream, build, tackle and survive. If you play the game, I am sure you will feel like you are behaving live in the game because it feeds in the basic necessities what life actually demands from a person.

Minecraft Gameplay

What’s more, this app comes with regular updates, which means that you always have something new to play. Everytime you play the game you will not be bored of the same repetitive stuff, which mostly games are offering these days. In addition to that, Minecraft provides the player 3D Interface which keeps him/her attracted towards the game. The Multiplayer feature of the game gives the game an add-on which helps expanding its horizon. If you are a gaming freak and want to explore every single aspect of this game, then Minecraft is best suited game for you. It comes in three basic modes – Survival, Creative and Adventure. Each model comes with the advanced option in which tactical shifts from building to survival.

Now, you might have got the idea about this mesmerizing app, I know you are dying to play it on your Smartphones. Minecraft is not officially created for PC. But, those who don’t have Android phones need not to be disheartened because I am going to tell you a method by which you can play this game on your PCs as well. All you need is an interface that can be used to run the game on your personal computer.

How to Download Minecraft for PC (Windows 7/8/MAC):

In game features of Minecraft

  • The first thing that you need to do to install Minecraft in your PC is to Download Bluestacks.
  • Here is the link from where you can download Bluestacks:
  • Once you have downloaded Bluestacks from the above link, you need to install it on your PC.
  • Now Type “Minecraft” in the search bar, where you will see Minecraft icon.
  • Install the app by clicking on the icon.
  • That’s all. Now you are ready to enjoy the game.

Download Minecraft

That’s all from my end. I hope you understood the process and following the tips to play Minecraft on your PC. But, somehow if you didn’t understand any point you can mention in the comments section. I’ll be happy to resolve your issue. Moreover, if you face any error message, then first try updating your drivers as that might be causing problems in the installing process. Enjoy the game and stay blessed!

Download Hill Climb Racing for PC (Windows 7/8/Mac)

Are you a racing game freak and looking for some adventurous fun on internet? Hill Climb Racing is an addictive game that you can find in the Play Store. Hill Climb Racing is a driving game based on the laws of physics more fun for touch screen mobile devices. This scientific based driving game employs all the aspects of science like friction, gravity and other judgmental factors to test your driving skills in accordance with the terrain. All these factors should be taken into consideration if you want to move swiftly and economically in the game. You have preferences to upgrade the parts like engine, suspensions, and tyres for your racing motor vehicle for making more fun in this game. Already available in the stores of Android and iOS, where he had some success has just landed on that of Windows 8 for tablets and PCs while the version for Windows Phone 8 is under development.




The important aspect of this game is that in this you have to use concepts of physics in a whole new level. If you’re a racing junkie like me, you like to drive on a track more difficult? In this game you have to complete your journey on the hills is quite difficult with simple commands at the same time. To play this game on your Android phone, all you have to do is use your thumbs. One thumb to accelerate the vehicle and the other one to use for brakes. The interesting part is that you have to take care of the fuel and the way you drive the vehicle all by yourself. Continue reading “Download Hill Climb Racing for PC (Windows 7/8/Mac)”

Download Clash of Clans for PC (Windows 7/8/Mac)

History is evident that those stories that mix with elements typical of medieval mythology and fantasy, they reach greater levels of popularity all over the world. Thanks to the developers of android games inspired by those historic events that they pick the story telling too mesmerizing, no one can really spot the difference between the movie and the game.Clash of lans

It is the perfect backdrop for the real-time strategy games such as Clash of Clans, where we will go all out to build an impregnable fortress and form an army with which to crush our enemies with magic. The name of the game is in itself exhilarating, and once you go though its hidden features, you will definitely fall in love with this game. For that reason, at the present Clash of Clans is running top of all online multiplayer war based game. Clash of Clans is a free to play game created and published by Supercell. This game can be played on iPod, iPhone, iPad and other android compatible smart phones.

Game Play of Clash of Clans:

In Clash of Clans you can create your own village and develop it into a fortress by building defensive structures such as walls, wizard tower, tesla secret, air defense, mortar, traps, archer tower, cannons, x-bow. And along with powerful warriors like the dragon, wall switch, archer, barbarian Pekka, balloon, giant, wizard, goblin, healer that you can use to defeat goblins and other enemy which players stand your path. In Clash of Clans you can create your own clan or clan and join other players rise through the rankings and claim prominent member of the world map. Continue reading “Download Clash of Clans for PC (Windows 7/8/Mac)”

Temple Run 2 For PC Free Download for Windows 7/8/XP

No matter if you are hard core racing freak or only love playing games that involve sports, you can’t escape from the addiction of playing Temple Run series once you start playing this seductive game. Despite of a simple game-play, Temple Run is very addictive and fun to play game. If you are wondering as to what is the main conception of the game, you need to know that at heart, it is an exceptionally simple game. All you have to do is keep running and pile up coins. The more the coins you steal, the higher will be your score. As you are running, you will have a mischievous sprite chasing you down. The mischievous sprite will try to kill you and there will be many obstacles that you will face. You have to try hard to clear all the obstacles because if you trip and fall on the way, the demons are going to hunt you down as it breathes down your neck all the time. The graphics of the game are very crisp and vivid.

Temple Run 2

With over 170 million downloads and still counting, Temple Run series has redefined mobile gaming. It’s not necessary how you rate other games but I can challenge you that you can’t rate this game below 4 stars. Continue reading “Temple Run 2 For PC Free Download for Windows 7/8/XP”

Download and Install PicsArt for PC – Run on Windows

PicsArt is an amazing Photo application available among many devices. It has got a huge user base and the user base is getting bigger day by day which helps anyone to know the popularity of the application. PicsArt is a powerful photography customization tool available for smartphones. No matter if you don’ have knowledge about Photoshop you can edit the picture right on your smartphone with Picsart without any hicups. Though its a powerful tool but PicsArt has no official Pc client of the application. Don’t worry we are there to help you out to all those who are searching for PicsArt for Pc then this guide may probably end your searh right here. In this guide we will show you how to “Download and Install PicsArt for Pc”.

Install Picsart for pc


PicsArt for PC features:-

You decided to Install PicsArt for pc and Lemme give a brief examples on the features offered by the application. Though the application is available for android. It offers almost all features it offers in android version. There are a few features which you need to know. The first thing you need to know is about the drawing tool which helps you to draw and apply graphics on your desired photos to give them a new and more natural look. The drawing tool helps you to annotate photos and you can turn a funny photo into a meme and can share across social social networks may be your meme would go viral.

You can give a touch up to your old pics with the effects available in the application. There are live effects features available which apply live filters using the native camera app in which you can shoot pictures with the applied filter isn’t it easy? You can do a lot more than you think. As mentioned earlier you can share pictures across social media and the best part is that you can email them or message them which is quite handy. There are also tons of other effects which you need to try out. Lets have a look at guide on How to Install PicsArt for pc.

Prerequisites to Download and Install PicsArt for PC:-

Before going to download and install PicsArt for PC you need to know about a few prerequisites which you need to know before installing PicsArt for PC. You need to install an Android emulator on your pc as you cannot install PicsArt for PC directly on your computer. We recommend Bluestacks the best android emulator available out there. You can Download and Install Bluestacks from Here. After downloading it install it like you install all other applications on your computer.

Procedure to Download and Install PicsArt for PC:-

  • After the successfull installation of Bluestacks.
  • Open the Bluestacks application which you have installed.
  • Now search for PicsArt in the store using the search feature.
  • Install the PicsArt  on your pc.
  • After installation you will get a shortcut on your desktop.

Hope you have downloaded and installed PicsArt for PC by our guide on How to Download and Install PicsArt for PC. If you faced any problems on the guide do let us know via comments.

Download and install Instagram for PC Windows 7/8/XP

Instagram is a photo sharing service which was a huge success and got Millions of users and every minutes thousands of users are joining every minute. The Instagram has apps for almost for every smartphone on the planet. The instagram was acquired by twitter recently. There are many people searching for Instagram for Pc. But the truth is there are no Official Instagram Pc client available right now. But you need not to worry we will help you to Install Instagram for pc with the help of this super awesome guide on “How to Download and Install Instagram for Pc”. All you need is just to follow this guide and you will get Instagram on your pc within few minutes. Continue reading “Download and install Instagram for PC Windows 7/8/XP”

Download and Install Jetpack Joyride for PC for Windows 7/8/XP

Play JetPack Joyride – Download for PC running Windows(7/8/XP)

There are many action games out there and one of the most successful game which got featured in the top games is Jetpack Joyride. The game turned out to be a chartbuster. The game is available almost on all major mobile operating platforms. Many people are searching ways to install Jetpack Joyride for Pc and to all those folks this guide is especially for you. We framed this guide to help you to “Download and Install Jetpack Joyride for Pc”. You need not to be a techy to follow this guide. So lets see the guide. Continue reading “Download and Install Jetpack Joyride for PC for Windows 7/8/XP”

Pet Rescue Saga for PC – Play on Windows (7/8/XP)

Free Download Pet Rescue Saga for PC – Run on Windows (7/8/XP) and MAC :

Puzzle games are very interesting to play. There are various puzzle games available for the smartphones as well as for PC’s. If we talk about Puzzle games for Smartphone, no way we can miss the popular Pet Rescue Saga Game. Recently i figured out the method to play android games on PC. This tutorial is dedicated to help users in Downloading and Installing Pet Rescue Saga for PC. This game is available on various mobile app stores like Google Play. To get it on your PC, you have to make use of Android Emulator Software, about which i have discussed in the “Prerequisites” section later in the post. Before continuing to the installation process, let us take a look at the features of this fascinating game. Continue reading “Pet Rescue Saga for PC – Play on Windows (7/8/XP)”

Castle Clash for PC – Free Download on Windows(7/8/XP)

Download Castle Clash for PC Now – Run on Windows(7,8,XP) and MAC

By now you must have heard of Castle Clash, as it is famous for ranking in top 5 on the app stores. Why is it so? We will discuss it right here and also help you to  download Castle Clash for PC. Isn’t it amazing? You will get to know all the exciting features about Castle Clash here and also learn to download it on your PC for free using BlueStacks, which is downloadable from its Official Site whose link has been provided below in our Important Links section. We are going to tell you all the amazing features of Castle Clash which make this game so engaging and popular among the masses. This is a really fun to play game and is recommended mostly by all of its users.   Continue reading “Castle Clash for PC – Free Download on Windows(7/8/XP)”

Temple Run for PC Windows(7/8/XP)|MAC – Free Download

Download Temple Run for PC – Step by Step Installation Process – Complete Tutorial :

Yes ! It is now possible to Download and Install Temple Run for your Laptop/Desktop. Latest Version of  Temple Run is Temple Run 2.As you know, Temple Run is one of the Most popular games. Initially it was available for IOS only. So earlier people using Iphone could play it. After Android was introduced, this game was made available in the Google Play Store. Presently, with the help of android emulators, it is possible to play Temple Run on PC too. Continue reading “Temple Run for PC Windows(7/8/XP)|MAC – Free Download”