Download Facetime for PC (Windows 7/8/MAC)

Before starting this tutorial I want to thank everyone for their support and the response I got though emails. All the tutorials posted in the past has got appreciation from the readers which gives me a moral support to deliver more and more. In today’s section I’ll be discussing about Facetime app and how you can use this app on your PCs. I am not kidding, that’s true! Now you can download this app on your personal computer, which in the past can only be used by Apple users. For those readers who don’t have any idea about this app, I am going to give a basic idea and the features of the app.

Facetime app

Facetime is an Apple product, basically comes inbuilt in iPhone 4 and above mobile phones. This app allows the users to chat via video calling, and only iPhone Users can enjoy this app. All you need is a reliable and strong internet connection; WiFi connection is mostly preferred by most of the users. If you have all these utilities, then you can chat with your buddies, friends and family members unitrupptably, anytime and anywhere. With the gadgets like iPhone 4 and above, this app comes pre installed and 100% free for the lifetime.  At present, Facetime is officially available for MAC PC/Laptop  and iOS. But you don’t need to worry as I am going to tell you a process by which you can enjoy this amazing application on your windows operating system.  Continue reading “Download Facetime for PC (Windows 7/8/MAC)”

iOS 8 To Enhance The Experience Of Smartphone Users?

Apple is in news yet again with the speculations about its next operating system iOS 8. The company has been successful in taking the phase of smartphones to a new level. The release of iOS 7 grabbed all the attention last year and offered a new look, design, and feel to iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Continue reading “iOS 8 To Enhance The Experience Of Smartphone Users?”

New patent suggests Apple could follow Samsung’s lead for once

American multinational company Apple always remains in headlines, with media and analysts watching every move it takes and continuously predicting what it may lead to. The recent report came from a site Patently Apple, according to which Apple has recently received a patent in the creation of flexible sapphire displays made with the usage of liquid metal. The patent describes wrap-around displays that will be probably used in future for manufacturing of Apple devices.

Various shapes for wrap-around display were described by the patent which includes an elongated rectangle and hollow cylinder. The shape of the crystal seed would decide the shape of the display which is being created. The creation process for this kind of displays is very tedious; however in simple manner it can be understood as a process in which extraction of a sapphire crystal seed is done by using a crucible filled with molten liquid aluminum. The shape of the display would depend on the shape of the crystal seed. From couple of years, Apple is increasingly showing interest in this field which includes advanced sapphire displays.

Apple has already used sapphire in its last release which goes by the name iPhone 5S, the Touch ID fingerprint scanner sensor was covered by sapphire. In November 2013, to progress in this technology Apple even bought a sapphire display manufacturing company called as GT Advanced Technologies. There were even rumors for certain period of time that Apple may replace the Gorilla Glass display made by Corning which is used in iPhone for display protection by a sapphire display as sapphire is known to be virtually scratch resistant and dust proof.

Future of Sapphire display

In near future there is a probability that all other devices may also start coming with a sapphire display instead of corning Gorilla Glass which is nowadays generally used in every other Smartphone for screen protection. There are also rumors that the upcoming iPhone 6, which will be next release from Apple in its iPhone series line up, might come with a sapphire display instead of Corning Gorilla Glass. However, Apple may take long time in using all types of the wrap-around displays which can be seen in this patent.

Nevertheless, in a concept design made for the upcoming iPhone 6 from Apple we saw such wrap-around displays which points that Apple fans are already interested in such kind of technology with which such type of displays are possible. Apple can also use such type of displays in manufacturing of watches, which will be called iWatch that was being rumored from a long time.

With the filing of such patent Apple for once will be following its top rival Samsung in smartphone market as Samsung has previously manufactured Galaxy Round with such curved display and even LG has used the same display in G Flex Smartphone. However, Apple may come up with better products as compared to them as it has been always known for new innovations in the field of technology.

iPhone 6 – What is it going to be like?

Apple is going to be back with a back in the latter half of 2014 with its newest release, iPhone 6. This phone has generated gossip and rumours about itself that are unmatched and also make the fans wait for yet another Smartphone that will blow their minds away. It has been said that this edition of the iPhone is all set to sweep the land underneath the user’s feet as it is going to be a revision of every little thing that the iPhone has offered in the past, right from the design to the processor and what not.


It is anticipated that the iPhone 6 will feature a bigger screen than all of its previous phones. While they have 4 inch screens, this one might be 4.9. With the brewing competition from Samsung, Sony and HTC, Apple had to have a bigger screen to cope with the expectation that one has from a premium Smartphone. Other rumour has it that this handset is ridding itself off the good old iconic home button and replacing it with a Retina scanner. Also the touch unlock feature that they have excelled at will prevail in the new handset as well.

The display is allegedly going to be full HD that will promote better quality videos and photographs while enhancing the user experience. There were slight rumours of a flexible wrap-around display, but now sources have suggested that it is feature that will be saved for the next few editions. Although there were rumours that the iPhone 6 will feature an unbreakable display to solve the problem of many users who cannot use their phone without dropping it one in a way. It will be made of sapphire glass and will increase the strength of the phone.

What’s more? The company might produce three varieties of casing for the phone. Although the debate against it is that it is a very difficult task to make changes in the size of the cases. One of the most popular of these rumours is that it might have a liquid metal case as it is somewhat the USP of the device.

Coming to the operating system that the phone will run by default, it is said that the iOs 8 will be the new thing for it. Given the excitement and the buzz that was created by the iOs 7, and all the rumours of the different features of the 8, it will definitely take the user by surprise. The processor that will run the phone is the A8 quad-core chip that will be much faster, better and easier to use. The battery life and the speed of tasks will be increased to give the users a much better overall experience and also to have the edge over all competition.

It is also anticipated that the phone will have a 13 mega pixel sensor camera and will produce wonderful quality images for the user to enjoy. To add to it, the wireless charging feature is another boon to many who have been waiting for the handset.

We cannot confirm what will actually be present on the phone and what will get eliminated. The release will let the people know if all the rumours are going to turn to reality. But what can be told for sure is that the phone is going to be one of a kind and is bound to attract customers to the brand. You can always check our website for latest updates on iPhone and its development.

iPad mini with Retina Display : Features and Prices in India

The Cupertino company Apple launched its second iteration of iPad mini, the iPad mini with Retina display, also called as iPad mini 2 along with the 5th generation iPad Air.

iPad mini retina display
Credit: Apple

iPad mini with Retina Display Features

The iPad mini 2 is the latest addition to its smaller display iPad coming with a whole new set of features and the pitching feature being the Retina display.


The physical appearance of iPad mini with Retina display is the same as its older generation with 5.3 inches in width and 7.87 inches in height.

The iPad mini with retina display is same as that of iPad Air with 7.5 mm and weighs just over 300 grams. The new iPad mini features a Retina Display with 2048×1536 resolution at 326 pixels per inch.

iPad mini retina display features
Credit: Apple


The iPad mini 2 is also powered with the Apple’s brand new A7 chip which is also on the iPad Air along with the M7 coprocessor.

The 64 bit desktop class architecture built in the A7 processor is double in CPU as well as graphics then the first generation of iPad mini.

The M7 motion coprocessor helps the A7 chip by sourcing the data from the gyroscope, accelerometer and compass and brings in a new delight in the iPad mini without losing battery life.

Battery Life

Despite having a horse powered processor and coprocessor, iPad mini with retina display gives up to 10 hours of  battery life, same as the previous model. Nothing much improvement over battery life here is a little disappointment.


The iPad mini 2 powers the ultra fast Wifi giving speed up to 300mbps. iPad mini also has the highest supported network bands all over the world and is 4G ready.

Camera and Mic

There are no changes in the Camera features, having the same megapixels and aperture as that of original iPad mini. We noticed only a single change in Camera is that iPad mini 2 allows 3x zooming possible which was earlier missing in the old model.

iPad mini 2 also has 2 microphones situated at the top and back of the device, similar to the iPad Air.

iPad Air Mic
Credit: Apple

Operating System

Undoubtedly, iPad mini with Retina display runs on the latest and completely redesigned operating system, the iOS 7. The device looks much sleeker, clean and flat which gives you a sense of enduring simplicity.

iPad mini retina display features
Credit: Apple

Storage Capacity

iPad mini with Retina display now comes with 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and the highest model with 128GB both in White and Space grey models.

Overview of iPad mini with Retina Display

iPad mini retina display price
Credit: Apple

iPad mini with Retina Display Price in India

Wifi only models

16GB – Rs. 28,900

32GB – Rs. 35,900

64GB – Rs. 42,900

128GB – Rs. 49,900

Wifi + Cellular models

16GB – Rs. 37,900

32GB – Rs. 44,900

64GB – Rs. 51,900

128GB – Rs. 58,900

It is also said that Apple might  start the buyback program with the new iPad mini just like it did for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. We recommend you get your hands on in any of the Apple store near you before buying.


This would be the best buy if you are looking for an iPad model to buy or generally any other tablet. It’s small, its packed with the brand new powerful A7 and M7 chip and does pretty much an iPad Air can do at an extra cost.

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iPad Air : Features and Price in India

The California tech giant Apple’s latest addition to its iPad line up, the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display hit Indian stores today officially bringing in all the new features, raising the bar in tablet industry.

iPad Air Features and Price in India
Credit: Apple

iPad Air Features

The iPad Air is the most advanced iPad Apple has ever made and it destroys the competition like Nexus 7 tablets with its multi core processor benchmark.


iPad Air’s design has been changed by its predecessors making it lighter, slimmer and easy to handle in one hand.

The iPad Air is 7.5mm thin, with the weight, less then half a kilo. Of course, it features a retina display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536. It is thinner then the pencil you use.

The bezel around the iPad Air is smaller then the previous generation iPads. It makes much easier to handle it with one hand without affecting the working of iPad due to thumb touching on the screen.

iPad Air India
Credit: Apple


The iPad Air is powered by the A7 processor and a new chip called M7 co processor. The A7 chip powers a desktop class 64 bit architecture which is twice as fast in CPU as well as graphics then the previous gen iPads.

The M7 motion coprocessor assists the A7 chip by collecting data from the gyroscope, accelerometer and compass and brings in a new delight in your iPad Air without losing battery life.

Battery Life

Despite having a horse powered processor and coprocessor, iPad Air gives up to 10 hours of incredible battery life, increased by 1 hours from its previous generation.


The iPad Air has an increased connectivity. The twice as fast Wifi with dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) 802.11n Wi‑Fi and MIMO, download speeds can reach up to 300 Mbps.

iPad Air with Wi‑Fi + Cellular lets you connect to the Internet even if you’re away from a Wi‑Fi signal. iPad Air also supports the most number of mobile networks then any other mobile device in the world.

Camera and Mic

The new iteration of iPad, the iPad Air has the same 5 megapixel iSight camera as on iPad 4, allowing you to shoot 1080p videos. No changes are made to the FaceTime camera.

iPad Air has dual microphone placed at the top and back of the device giving much accurate voice during FaceTime by compressing the background noise much efficiently.

iPad Air Mic
Credit: Apple

Operating System

Undoubtedly, iPad Air runs on the latest and completely redesigned operating system, the iOS 7. The device looks much sleeker, clean and flat which gives you a sense of simplicity.

iPad Air with iOS 7
Credit: Apple

Storage Capacity

iPad Air now comes with 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and the highest model with 128GB both in White and Space grey models.

Overview of iPad Air

iPad Air Features
Credit: Apple

iPad Air Price in India

The iPad Air price in India starts from Rs. 35,900 for the starting model.

Wifi only models

16GB Wifi only – Rs. 35,900

32GB Wifi only – Rs. 42,900

64GB Wifi only – Rs. 49,900

128Gb Wifi only – Rs. 56,900

Wifi + Cellular models

16GB Wifi + Cellular – Rs. 44,900

32GB Wifi + Cellular – Rs. 51,900

64GB Wifi + Cellular – Rs. 58,900

128Gb Wifi + Cellular – Rs. 65,900

Apple might also start the buyback program with the new iPad just like it did for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. We recommend you get your hands on in any of the Apple store near you before buying.

If you do not own an iPad, this is the time you buy, and if you own an iPad 3 or iPad 4, we don’t think you should be so early to get your new iPad and wait for the prices to go down in a few months.

Let us know what you think about the new iPad air and what are the factors that would make you buy one in the comments below.

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Apple and China Mobile finally Sign the iPhone Deal

Following a number of speculations and reviews over the past several weeks, The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that the Cupertino Tech Giant Apple and China Mobile have finally agreed on signing an iPhone deal. The company says it is planned to schedule the launch later this month.

The deal goes into positive node for Apple after nearly 6 years of on-and-off arguments and negotiations, and will give Apple access to China Mobile’s 700 million+ subscriber base. Thats a whooping user base for any company to get through profits.

The WSJ’s Lorraine Luk  has a say on it:

“China Mobile Ltd. 0941.HK +1.01% has signed a long-awaited deal with Apple Inc.AAPL -0.23% to offer iPhones on its network, a person familiar with the situation said, an arrangement that would give the U.S. technology giant a big boost in the world’s largest mobile market. 

The rollout of iPhones on the world’s largest mobile carrier by users, with over 700 million subscribers, is expected to start later this month, around the time of a Dec. 18 China Mobile conference in Guangzhou, according to two people familiar with the carrier’s plans. China Mobile is one of the world’s last major carriers that doesn’t offer the iPhone.”

Apple and China Mobile have been in arguments for several years now, and CEO Tim Cook has visited to Beijing several times to for a high profile meet  with the carrier’s Chairman on multiple occasions. His most recent visit was in July, where it’s believed that the two made significant striking of the deal.

China Mobile and Apple
Photo Credit: WSJ

News of the strike of deal has been expected since September, when the iPhone 5s and 5c were launched to the public. The two smartphones are Apple’s first handsets to support China Mobile’s TD-LTE network, which is also rumoured to launch on the 18th of this month.

WhatsApp for iOS 7 is out with New Design and Features

WhatsApp for iOS 7

The much awaited WhatsApp for iOS 7 update is finally available throughout the App Store which came around around 2am at night. This update brings the iOS client for your popular messaging service to version 2.11.5, and includes a detailed new iOS 7 inspired user interface, just a little new features as well as other bug fixes.

One of many notable new features in version 2.11.5 of WhatsApp for iOS 7 is named ‘broadcasts lists’, plus it lets you send messages to group of people simultaneously. So lets say for instance you have a list of your classmates or work colleagues, you can message them all at once instead of individually. Looks pretty much like a WhatsApp made group.

Release Notes

– new iOS 7 User Interface

– broadcast lists: communicate with your classmates, work colleagues or just friends by messaging many people at once.

– improved share location: 3D map view, hide places, search places

– large thumbs: see more

– new notification alerts and sounds: WhatsApp Settings > Notifications > New Message.

– application will now use your device text size as configured in iOS Settings > General > Text Size

– new improved User Interface for managing your blocked contacts: WhatsApp Settings > Chat Settings > Blocked

– crop image before sending

Reminder: you can backup your WhatsApp conversations into iCloud. Simply visit WhatsApp Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup and tap on “Back Up Now”

The apps’ new UI follows the same design as just about every other app that has been updated to match iOS 7′s aesthetics. There’s a good amount of white space, flat graphics and blue accents to make all of the people that don’t like Apple’s new design direction.

But I personally happen to like the new design, and I’m really digging the UX improvements. There’s the new broadcast lists feature we already mentioned above, improved location sharing, as well larger thumbnails,  and blocking contacts is now much easier than before.

But I also feel that its been more then 6 months since Apple released the iOS 7 APK and after taking so much time for the app’s update, more new features should have been added.

I am really hoping to at least get the ‘Auto-Image download’ toggle in settings because in India, people seem to send images every now and then, and it is difficult to manage the cellular bandwidth.

If you’re already a WhatsApp user, I feel like updating the app is a no-rocket science. Just make sure, as the release notes warns, that you backup your conversations to iCloud before doing so. When you’re ready, you can find the new WhatsApp in the App Store for free.