Download Android Emulator for PC (Windows 7/8/MAC)

Hi friends, as promised I am back with a brand new topic for you- Android Emulator, and in this section I am uncovering some myths and facts that you should know. Hey, don’t panic if don’t know what’s going on here because I am sure that many of you might be hearing the term “Android Emulator” for the first time, and those who have heard it before, are in constant voyage to know more about this. Continue reading “Download Android Emulator for PC (Windows 7/8/MAC)”

Download Minecraft for PC (Windows 7/8/MAC)

Hey Fellas, hope you are doing great and enjoying Android apps on your PC through my given download tutorial. In this tutorial, like my previous tutorials I am listing out an app or game for you which you can download on your PC. In this section, I will be talking about the game which has been very popular among Android users and now people want to play on larger platform i.e. Computers. The game has taken the gaming world by surprise and now this game has more users than any other game of this category. Yes, you are right, I am talking about Minecraft! If you have already played this game on your android phones, play stations or on another platform, you’ll surely look for a way to play it on your personal computer as well. Reason being the game has too much of addictive features that you can’t simply resist it.


If you are new to this game or haven’t played it in your past, don’t worry as I’ll share some of the salient features of the game so that you can get the basic idea what this game is all about.

Features of Minecraft:

As per the name, this game offers the player innovative and crafty challenges in which he/she has to build a construction zone using terra blocks. This is the task you have to do in the game, while in the game play, the player has to protect or guard his creation from hostile mobs and other co-players. The beauty of the game lies in its game play. The game offers the basic factors of life in very generalized form, and these factors can be grouped as- dream, build, tackle and survive. If you play the game, I am sure you will feel like you are behaving live in the game because it feeds in the basic necessities what life actually demands from a person.

Minecraft Gameplay

What’s more, this app comes with regular updates, which means that you always have something new to play. Everytime you play the game you will not be bored of the same repetitive stuff, which mostly games are offering these days. In addition to that, Minecraft provides the player 3D Interface which keeps him/her attracted towards the game. The Multiplayer feature of the game gives the game an add-on which helps expanding its horizon. If you are a gaming freak and want to explore every single aspect of this game, then Minecraft is best suited game for you. It comes in three basic modes – Survival, Creative and Adventure. Each model comes with the advanced option in which tactical shifts from building to survival.

Now, you might have got the idea about this mesmerizing app, I know you are dying to play it on your Smartphones. Minecraft is not officially created for PC. But, those who don’t have Android phones need not to be disheartened because I am going to tell you a method by which you can play this game on your PCs as well. All you need is an interface that can be used to run the game on your personal computer.

How to Download Minecraft for PC (Windows 7/8/MAC):

In game features of Minecraft

  • The first thing that you need to do to install Minecraft in your PC is to Download Bluestacks.
  • Here is the link from where you can download Bluestacks:
  • Once you have downloaded Bluestacks from the above link, you need to install it on your PC.
  • Now Type “Minecraft” in the search bar, where you will see Minecraft icon.
  • Install the app by clicking on the icon.
  • That’s all. Now you are ready to enjoy the game.

Download Minecraft

That’s all from my end. I hope you understood the process and following the tips to play Minecraft on your PC. But, somehow if you didn’t understand any point you can mention in the comments section. I’ll be happy to resolve your issue. Moreover, if you face any error message, then first try updating your drivers as that might be causing problems in the installing process. Enjoy the game and stay blessed!

Download Tango for PC (Windows 7/8/MAC)

Hi friends, I hope you are getting proper help regarding the downloads of various Android apps and games from my previous posts. In this section I will be talking about a new social messenger app Tango and how you can enjoy this app on your PC as well.  Tango is a mobile messenger by which you can send unlimited text messages to your friends, family members, and best buddies. Not only this, you can make audio calls and video call to your near and dear ones. This social messaging app makes use of your internet connection and if you have a working internet connection  you are ready to launch this amazing cool messaging app. There are multiple operating systems on which you can run Tango, and some of those platforms are Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows. Officially, Tango has not built for PC, but using an emulator, you can be able to run this app on your PC as well.  Social Messenger app

There are hundreds of android apps available in Google Play Store but if you don’t have the compatible smartphone to use those apps then what to do? No need to panic as now you can make full use of your favorite apps on your PC too. If you are looking for a method to download Tango for PC, then follow the steps below given in the step by step tutorial. Continue reading “Download Tango for PC (Windows 7/8/MAC)”

Download WeChat for PC (Windows 7/8/ MAC)

Unlike other social messaging apps, WeChat got unexpectedly huge appreciation from the users from around the globe. When this new messaging app was launched, some of its highlighted features really knocked off the market by surprise. One of the most likeable factors that really took off this wonderful over ninth cloud is its new way of sharing ideas rather mimicking other existing apps. Let’s see what this new social messaging app offers and is it worth sharing your android phone’s precious memory?

WeChat new logo

There are so many social messaging apps in the market that most of the people like to go for their reviews first before they actually find it good to use. But, I am sure you are pretty much aware of the WeChat Messenger like its features as well. It is a best alternative of BBM, Hike and Watsapp. This app is available on various platforms like Android, Windows, iOS etc. However, now you can also this amazing app on your personal computer. Voice messaging, video calling are some of the salient features that give this social messaging app an upper hand over its counterparts. Continue reading “Download WeChat for PC (Windows 7/8/ MAC)”

Download Opera Mini for Android

If you have recently purchased an android Smartphone or tablet, the first thing you look for in it is internet connectivity and an effective browser to compliment it. So you can say that it is time for you to install the best Internet browser for your android Smartphone or tablet. There are many applications that are at this time present in the market that are providing complete placate to the user to carry out the browsing session simple and convenient. Many of the users prefer other applications rather than the pre-installed web version that is provided by the manufacturer in android devices. You will have to choose the one according to your requirement and the one that will offer you complete convenience.

Download Opera Mini For Android

Continue reading “Download Opera Mini for Android”

How to download torrents on Android and iOs

Torrents have been one of the best things that happened to mankind. It is unbelievable to see how much people depend on them for all sorts of things. Right from many educational videos to entertainment. Torrent cater to almost everything that there is on the planet. With the advancement and development of technology, people have now moved to smart phones and tablets for entertainment. So have the torrents. This article will give the reader an insight into how he needs to download torrents on an Apple and Android device.

download torrents-for-Android


Considering Android is one of the most popularly used operating system, torrents have made their way into it. The downloading of a torrent on an Android device is one of the easiest things to do. It is just a matter of a few simple steps:

–          Go to the Google Play Store and download aDownloader. There are many free options that are available, but this is the best to use and there is no download throttling.

–          The next step is to configure the location of the saved files. The user has to enter the path manually but it is not difficult to figure it out.

–          Then the user needs to open a browser and enter a download repository and then type the name of the desired torrent.

–          Skipping the first few results of the search and then examining the size, age, health and seeders is the next step of the process.

–          After finding the most attractive torrent, tap the torrent link. It is essential that the user does not press any other buttons in the process.

–          Then the downloaded file will appear on the notification from where the media can be obtained.

These are 6 simple ways to get the best torrents onto the Android device and enjoy all kinds of media on it. It eliminates the carrying of heavy laptops and other such things.


After rejecting the BitTorrent application for its app store, Apple has made it look shady for itself in the category of smart phones. But not many people know that there are ways to download torrents on to an Apple handset. All one needs to do is install VuzeBitTorrent Client and the iZureus extension.

After installing both of them, the user needs to go to ‘Tools > Plugins > Installation Wizard.’ Then he needs to select ‘By list from’ and scroll down to find ‘Azureus HTML WebUI.’ This is a plugin that the user needs to install. The last part of it is to open a browser on the phone, and enter in the address bar and the user can access the regular Azureus HTML interface. Then he needs to go to Vuze’s ‘Preferences > Plugins > HTML WEB UI’ and enter a password. Then he is good to go with all the torrents that he needs.

It is true that Apple is a little conservative when it comes to third party software and intervention in the app store, but for those users who are die hard Apple fans they can use this method to easily get their work done.

Why Android Phones are good for gaming

AS we know, Android is the most widely used and popular operating system for the mobile devices. Approximately, more than one million new Android devices are activated worldwide every day. One of the reasons for the popularity of Android smartphones may be due their awesome gaming experience along with other features. As when we get bored in doing our any particular work, our Android smartphones may provide some awesome experience to get relaxed. So in this tutorial, I am going to discuss why Android smartphones are good for gaming purpose.

Higher RAM Memory

Most of the good Android smart phones are powered by a high capacity RAM memory, usually these days most of the android phones are ranging from 1GB to 2GB of RAM memory and this amount of RAM is sufficient to run and play the high quality HD games with high quality graphics without any lag. As we all know, if the device is powered by with higher Ram, then it would be easier to run the apps smoothly. So when we deal with big size high end games with advanced graphics feature, the RAM of the device is very vital feature and that’s why Android smart phones are chosen by most of the gamers.

Faster Processor Speed

Now-a-days Android smartphones can offer amazing speed as they not only sports dual core processors but few of the high end Android devices are also coming with quad core processors. At the beginning Android devices were powered by Atrix processor and many other single core processors which were slow, but now they offer an amazing speed to your smart phone due to multi core powered processors.

Larger Display

Gone are the days, when the screen size of the smart phones was limited to a maximum of 3.2 inches only. These days most of the Android smartphones sports a bigger screen size ranging from 3.5 inches upto 5-6 inches. So it’s obvious that, if the screen size is big then you will experience greater amount of fun while gaming. This factor plays a vital role as people love to have bigger size smart phones which can provide them awesome gaming experience.

Availability of large number of games

In Android, most of the games can be downloaded easily from the play store and the best thing is that most of them are free to download and play. So, you have a wide range of choices to download and install many games in your Android smart phone.

Rooting – provides Customization

In case,if  your Android smart phone is not performing well in gaming due to any default Kernel issue limited by the manufacturer, then you can root you smart phone very easy and install many other kernels in your device which may provide better performance.

So, these were few of the reasons why people often love to play the games in their Android smart phones other than choosing any other operating system for gaming purpose.

5 Cool Uses for Your Old Android Phone

If you’ve got an old-fashioned and outdated Android phone lying around, than there are ample of amazing things you can do with your extra smartphone. Although you may feelthat you old phone is useless but we have come up with five fabulous uses for your old Android device.

  1. A media streaming gadget and player (Music Player)

Many old smartphones either come with a lot of internal storage space or have expandable external memory card slots. All you need to do is load your outdated Android phone with your all-time favorite and evergreen songs and use it as a Music-Player to play the songs whenever you feel boring and out-of-world. Also it can use your home Wi-Fi to stream videos or music. As it will have no sim cards attached to it, so if you are listening to your favorite songs while you are at work than you won’t get disturbed by calls or messages.

  1. Smart Remote Control

Easily available and Freely Downloadable apps can turn your outdated smartphone into a smart remote control for your computer, media player, or TV.It also includes fanatical remotes for WMC, WMP, NetFlix and Spotify. If you peep into Google Play Store you can also find keen Wi-Fi remotes for many Smart TVs too.

  1. A kids’ toy / Baby Monitor

Kids will always enjoy and love touch screen phones and to play variety of games available on it no matter how old your smartphone is. Also if you need to keep an eye on your baby than there are number of noteworthy applications available on googleplay which you can download on your phone so that you can connect it up to your IP camera and ultimately you can keep an eye on apple of your eye. Also you can have a constant look at your home for security purpose.

  1. Digital photo frame

Your Android tablet would serveattractively as a digital photo frame. Using the slideshow option on your device or by using apps like picassa or Flickr you can display those photos wherever you’d like. Also it can works great as a mirror if your smartphone has a front-facing camera.

  1. Alarm Clock and Portable games console

If you have a child and you want to keep him/her busy with anentertaining/puzzling gamethan your old smartphone can be better. There are thousands of game apps available for free and you can download them. Also you can use your phone as an alarm clock to wake you up in your busy schedule and to avoid any mess up of things. Also you can set reminders to remember lots of things that you didn’t needs to forget.

So that was the best ways we have listed out to give your phone a brand new purpose thus saving your lot of money. Let us know if you find any interesting way (apart from the above listed) to utilize your waste phone in a best way.

Android Monitoring Software for Tracking Employees

Android Software for Tracking EmployeesAs the part of the company risk management, there has to be certain specifications for the employees to keep a check on them as a part of company’s risk management business. Now, one organization can definitely do add the spy apps from which the exact location of the employee, the emails, call logs, etc can be checked. There happen a lot of times that at the company hours, workers employees do not work and are indulged in personal business. Thus, to know the truth, the company can use such as apps which can be already fed in the android phone and can be directly given to the employee to use it. Companies such as service or delivery can face this problem many times. Most of the employees are dedicated to their work but few are not.

Thus, to trap them this software can be a great help. The salesperson where he goes door to door for work and generate sales, company needs to know that information whether he is working under the rules and norms of the organization or not. Thus, for this, there are various android apps such as ‘MobiStealth’, ‘Stealth Ginie’ etc. which is spy software designed for the employees. If there are tablets one can use the ‘Peek Tab Tablet’ software to keep an eye on the employees. This monitoring software’s are really easy to navigate and helps the employers in the company to protect their companies. You can check the email history, internet history, contacts stored, videos and the photos which they have in the mobile. Trough the GPRS also, you can track the location of the employee as well.

Android Monitoring Software for Tracking Employees

These software’s are very easy to use and thus, few can be hidden as well so that the employee doesn’t come to know about this software. The best part is that one can access all the activities of the employee from anywhere in the world. There are wide features and the company is benefitted as these are the features the software’s provide- call recording, call history, call information, duration of the call, surroundings, surroundings records, location history, on demand location, email logging, web history, change of the sim card, encryption of the mobile phone etc. all these features are provided by these spy software’s and thus, one can use them in the organization and the company to protect their own company from any kind of misleads. This software’s is supports on the android phone, windows phone, Blackberry mobile phones, apple iPhones, Nokia symbian series of phones etc. for all such different mobile phones, there are different software versions and thus if one wants to monitor the computer of the employee, even that is possible through these software’s.

Thus, the company is benefitted and the employees can be caught for their misuse of the mobile phone or the misuse of the allotted office working hours. Thus, theses software’s have been a real help for all the companies who want to keep an eye on their employees just for the well being of the company.

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