iOS 8 To Enhance The Experience Of Smartphone Users?

Apple is in news yet again with the speculations about its next operating system iOS 8. The company has been successful in taking the phase of smartphones to a new level. The release of iOS 7 grabbed all the attention last year and offered a new look, design, and feel to iPhone, iPod, and iPad. With this, certainly the expectations with the new version are high and people are eagerly waiting to see what the new iOS 8 brings to them.

Let us see what we can expect from iOS 8 from all the rumors spread across the web

  • New Touch ID

Apple is all set to improve its Touch ID fingerprint sensor that was launched with iPhone 5s. With the increasing number of people using their smartphones for online shopping and payments, it is very necessary to offer a secure locking system. The team is trying to enhance this feature to provide a secure gateway.

  • Better communication and improvement in notification

iOS 8 is said to improve the process of notification center and messages. This will simply enhance your communication experience. The auto delete option may be added to delete the thread of messages after a period of time. This will free up the storage space.

  • iWatch

According to the sources, the new iOS 8 has been developed by keeping the concept of iWatch in mind. Besides, a lot of attention has been given to this new addition and the numerous health related apps accompanying it. iWatch will prove beneficial for fitness freaks and heavily rely on the iPhone and operating system as well.

  • HealthBook

Apple is all planning to spread the awareness of being healthy. Sources say that the iOS 8 may incorporate a Healthbook application that will be capable of retrieving all the health related data from numerous sources such as tickets; Passbook aggregates store cards, and other such information. What’s more, this health related application will be capable of tracking your movement, sleep quality, heart rate, hydration, blood sugar, bloodwork, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, and much more. Besides, Healthbook application will help you manage your weight and also provide few tips on nutrition.

  • Maps

This is one major issue that Apple has been working hard to improve. The iOS 8 will certainly not disappoint Apple users and make this application rather delightful and handy. The company is striving hard to include mapping functions for indoor locations and public transit directions. Besides, you can expect enhanced car integration that will simply improve your driving experience.

Other features that you can expect from iOS 8

  • You may be able to call multiple people at once
  • Siri will be improved and will allow third-part developers to work more closely with applications
  • It may try to improve the animation applications
  • Text edit and preview can be expected for iCloud
  • Long battery life
  • Multitasking using the split screen concept

Besides, iOS 8 will be like a Christmas gift to the developers as it will give them an opportunity to develop hundreds of application with better user interface.

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