Download Opera Mini for Android

If you have recently purchased an android Smartphone or tablet, the first thing you look for in it is internet connectivity and an effective browser to compliment it. So you can say that it is time for you to install the best Internet browser for your android Smartphone or tablet. There are many applications that are at this time present in the market that are providing complete placate to the user to carry out the browsing session simple and convenient. Many of the users prefer other applications rather than the pre-installed web version that is provided by the manufacturer in android devices. You will have to choose the one according to your requirement and the one that will offer you complete convenience.

Download Opera Mini For Android

What features to look for in a browser?

If you are not sure what browser should be best for your android phone, you are on the right page as here we are shedding some light on the world’s fastest Android browser, Opera Mini. The first criterion to judge the effectiveness of a browser is its speed. Opera’s speed and efficient controls put it ahead of all other browsers, and this places it among the favourites. Content-heavy WebPages with lots of images and graphics load in a snap by compressing the data at a blazing speed, so you can browse faster and better.

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Second factor that plays a significant role in retaining the apk file of any browser in the phone storage by any user is its user friendliness. Surfing should be easy and user-friendly, which basically means that you should be able to surf the web on your mobile as easily as on a desktop computer. Bigger buttons and a clear layout make Opera Mini easy for everyone to use. Opera Mini does exactly the same! Moreover, it reduces data costs by up to 90% using its unique compression technology. And it’s completely free to install and use. The newest version of Opera Mini will let you enjoy a newer and faster browsing experience on the web.

Additional Features making it almost invincible

  • Speed Dial shows you all of your much-loved websites at a glance. There’s no limit to the number of entries you can add. Pull them up with one tap and save your valuable time for whatever you love!
  • Smart Page is your own personal window on the web. It gives you immediate updates from your social networks, along with the most up-to-date news, entertainment, and sports.
  • Tabs let you keep multiple pages open and switch between them.
  • Reading online is better with page sizes, address bars and toolbars that adjust automatically.

Opera Mini: A Real Tech application

With over 300 million users worldwide, Opera mini is considered as the idol of Internet browsers for every mobile platform in the world. It is also one of the most installed browsers across the globe for it proffers complete handiness and console ability to the user in surfing Internet. It has lately launched a new version for Google android platform catering to the needs of tablet users. It supports all the latest hi-tech advancements such as homepage thumbs, Google search bar, bookmarks and additional advanced settings. The most excellent part of all is that it totally compresses the data before it pops on the screen of the user. This will wholly reduce the data transfer making it reasonable for the user to surf the Internet conveniently. The application can be downloaded for free from different app stores that are present over the Internet.

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Opera Mini Series browsers have already given their statement in the android world, and revolutionized the Internet browsing on both low-end and high-tech mobile devices. Apart from Android OS, the browser is available for Java and Symbian based mobile phones too. Opera Mini browser offers a PC like Internet browsing experience on mobile phones and on your Android device. It can deliver a super-fast Internet browsing with endless opportunities like smooth web browsing, fast file downloading and much more.

Which version of Opera for Android is best for you

If you’ve looked for the new Opera browser on Google Play you’ll have almost certainly observed there are now three versions of Opera for Android – Opera Mini, Opera Mobile, and this new one, Opera browser (currently in beta). You’re probably speculating which version of Opera to download and what the differences are between these versions.

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It depends. Opera for Android beta supports Android 2.3 and up, and if your phone runs anything lower than that and want constant data savings on your data plan while browsing, you may be better off with Opera Mini for Android phones. If you want the browser with full features, use Opera for Android beta.

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