5 Cool Uses for Your Old Android Phone

If you’ve got an old-fashioned and outdated Android phone lying around, than there are ample of amazing things you can do with your extra smartphone. Although you may feelthat you old phone is useless but we have come up with five fabulous uses for your old Android device.

  1. A media streaming gadget and player (Music Player)

Many old smartphones either come with a lot of internal storage space or have expandable external memory card slots. All you need to do is load your outdated Android phone with your all-time favorite and evergreen songs and use it as a Music-Player to play the songs whenever you feel boring and out-of-world. Also it can use your home Wi-Fi to stream videos or music. As it will have no sim cards attached to it, so if you are listening to your favorite songs while you are at work than you won’t get disturbed by calls or messages.

  1. Smart Remote Control

Easily available and Freely Downloadable apps can turn your outdated smartphone into a smart remote control for your computer, media player, or TV.It also includes fanatical remotes for WMC, WMP, NetFlix and Spotify. If you peep into Google Play Store you can also find keen Wi-Fi remotes for many Smart TVs too.

  1. A kids’ toy / Baby Monitor

Kids will always enjoy and love touch screen phones and to play variety of games available on it no matter how old your smartphone is. Also if you need to keep an eye on your baby than there are number of noteworthy applications available on googleplay which you can download on your phone so that you can connect it up to your IP camera and ultimately you can keep an eye on apple of your eye. Also you can have a constant look at your home for security purpose.

  1. Digital photo frame

Your Android tablet would serveattractively as a digital photo frame. Using the slideshow option on your device or by using apps like picassa or Flickr you can display those photos wherever you’d like. Also it can works great as a mirror if your smartphone has a front-facing camera.

  1. Alarm Clock and Portable games console

If you have a child and you want to keep him/her busy with anentertaining/puzzling gamethan your old smartphone can be better. There are thousands of game apps available for free and you can download them. Also you can use your phone as an alarm clock to wake you up in your busy schedule and to avoid any mess up of things. Also you can set reminders to remember lots of things that you didn’t needs to forget.

So that was the best ways we have listed out to give your phone a brand new purpose thus saving your lot of money. Let us know if you find any interesting way (apart from the above listed) to utilize your waste phone in a best way.

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