Download Android Emulator for PC (Windows 7/8/MAC)

Hi friends, as promised I am back with a brand new topic for you- Android Emulator, and in this section I am uncovering some myths and facts that you should know. Hey, don’t panic if don’t know what’s going on here because I am sure that many of you might be hearing the term “Android Emulator” for the first time, and those who have heard it before, are in constant voyage to know more about this. Continue reading “Download Android Emulator for PC (Windows 7/8/MAC)”

Download samsung PC suite for Windows 7/8/MAC

Hello friends, here I am back again with some new downloading tips regarding Samsung PC Suite. You might have gone through my previous articles where I discussed the ways to install and Download Android Apps for PC. Now, in this article I am steering towards PC Suites, especially Samsung PC Suit. You might be wondering why I have specifically chosen Samsung PC Suite when there are dozens of other mobile companies in the android market. The answer is simple, and you knew it too! Here is another question for you, and don’t feel puzzled as this question will clear all your doubts. How many of your friends have Samsung smart phones? See, you got your answer, right? More than 50% of current smart phone users have shown their confidence in Samsung. So, when it comes to smart phones, there is no doubt in the popularity and market expansion results of Samsung Company. In fact, it is going to be the number one brand in the smart phone industry where other companies such as Nokia, Motorola, HTC, and other brands are not portraying such luminous future. Continue reading “Download samsung PC suite for Windows 7/8/MAC”

Download Facetime for PC (Windows 7/8/MAC)

Before starting this tutorial I want to thank everyone for their support and the response I got though emails. All the tutorials posted in the past has got appreciation from the readers which gives me a moral support to deliver more and more. In today’s section I’ll be discussing about Facetime app and how you can use this app on your PCs. I am not kidding, that’s true! Now you can download this app on your personal computer, which in the past can only be used by Apple users. For those readers who don’t have any idea about this app, I am going to give a basic idea and the features of the app.

Facetime app

Facetime is an Apple product, basically comes inbuilt in iPhone 4 and above mobile phones. This app allows the users to chat via video calling, and only iPhone Users can enjoy this app. All you need is a reliable and strong internet connection; WiFi connection is mostly preferred by most of the users. If you have all these utilities, then you can chat with your buddies, friends and family members unitrupptably, anytime and anywhere. With the gadgets like iPhone 4 and above, this app comes pre installed and 100% free for the lifetime.  At present, Facetime is officially available for MAC PC/Laptop  and iOS. But you don’t need to worry as I am going to tell you a process by which you can enjoy this amazing application on your windows operating system.  Continue reading “Download Facetime for PC (Windows 7/8/MAC)”

Download Minecraft for PC (Windows 7/8/MAC)

Hey Fellas, hope you are doing great and enjoying Android apps on your PC through my given download tutorial. In this tutorial, like my previous tutorials I am listing out an app or game for you which you can download on your PC. In this section, I will be talking about the game which has been very popular among Android users and now people want to play on larger platform i.e. Computers. The game has taken the gaming world by surprise and now this game has more users than any other game of this category. Yes, you are right, I am talking about Minecraft! If you have already played this game on your android phones, play stations or on another platform, you’ll surely look for a way to play it on your personal computer as well. Reason being the game has too much of addictive features that you can’t simply resist it.


If you are new to this game or haven’t played it in your past, don’t worry as I’ll share some of the salient features of the game so that you can get the basic idea what this game is all about.

Features of Minecraft:

As per the name, this game offers the player innovative and crafty challenges in which he/she has to build a construction zone using terra blocks. This is the task you have to do in the game, while in the game play, the player has to protect or guard his creation from hostile mobs and other co-players. The beauty of the game lies in its game play. The game offers the basic factors of life in very generalized form, and these factors can be grouped as- dream, build, tackle and survive. If you play the game, I am sure you will feel like you are behaving live in the game because it feeds in the basic necessities what life actually demands from a person.

Minecraft Gameplay

What’s more, this app comes with regular updates, which means that you always have something new to play. Everytime you play the game you will not be bored of the same repetitive stuff, which mostly games are offering these days. In addition to that, Minecraft provides the player 3D Interface which keeps him/her attracted towards the game. The Multiplayer feature of the game gives the game an add-on which helps expanding its horizon. If you are a gaming freak and want to explore every single aspect of this game, then Minecraft is best suited game for you. It comes in three basic modes – Survival, Creative and Adventure. Each model comes with the advanced option in which tactical shifts from building to survival.

Now, you might have got the idea about this mesmerizing app, I know you are dying to play it on your Smartphones. Minecraft is not officially created for PC. But, those who don’t have Android phones need not to be disheartened because I am going to tell you a method by which you can play this game on your PCs as well. All you need is an interface that can be used to run the game on your personal computer.

How to Download Minecraft for PC (Windows 7/8/MAC):

In game features of Minecraft

  • The first thing that you need to do to install Minecraft in your PC is to Download Bluestacks.
  • Here is the link from where you can download Bluestacks:
  • Once you have downloaded Bluestacks from the above link, you need to install it on your PC.
  • Now Type “Minecraft” in the search bar, where you will see Minecraft icon.
  • Install the app by clicking on the icon.
  • That’s all. Now you are ready to enjoy the game.

Download Minecraft

That’s all from my end. I hope you understood the process and following the tips to play Minecraft on your PC. But, somehow if you didn’t understand any point you can mention in the comments section. I’ll be happy to resolve your issue. Moreover, if you face any error message, then first try updating your drivers as that might be causing problems in the installing process. Enjoy the game and stay blessed!

Download Tango for PC (Windows 7/8/MAC)

Hi friends, I hope you are getting proper help regarding the downloads of various Android apps and games from my previous posts. In this section I will be talking about a new social messenger app Tango and how you can enjoy this app on your PC as well.  Tango is a mobile messenger by which you can send unlimited text messages to your friends, family members, and best buddies. Not only this, you can make audio calls and video call to your near and dear ones. This social messaging app makes use of your internet connection and if you have a working internet connection  you are ready to launch this amazing cool messaging app. There are multiple operating systems on which you can run Tango, and some of those platforms are Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows. Officially, Tango has not built for PC, but using an emulator, you can be able to run this app on your PC as well.  Social Messenger app

There are hundreds of android apps available in Google Play Store but if you don’t have the compatible smartphone to use those apps then what to do? No need to panic as now you can make full use of your favorite apps on your PC too. If you are looking for a method to download Tango for PC, then follow the steps below given in the step by step tutorial. Continue reading “Download Tango for PC (Windows 7/8/MAC)”

Download WeChat for PC (Windows 7/8/ MAC)

Unlike other social messaging apps, WeChat got unexpectedly huge appreciation from the users from around the globe. When this new messaging app was launched, some of its highlighted features really knocked off the market by surprise. One of the most likeable factors that really took off this wonderful over ninth cloud is its new way of sharing ideas rather mimicking other existing apps. Let’s see what this new social messaging app offers and is it worth sharing your android phone’s precious memory?

WeChat new logo

There are so many social messaging apps in the market that most of the people like to go for their reviews first before they actually find it good to use. But, I am sure you are pretty much aware of the WeChat Messenger like its features as well. It is a best alternative of BBM, Hike and Watsapp. This app is available on various platforms like Android, Windows, iOS etc. However, now you can also this amazing app on your personal computer. Voice messaging, video calling are some of the salient features that give this social messaging app an upper hand over its counterparts. Continue reading “Download WeChat for PC (Windows 7/8/ MAC)”

Download Hill Climb Racing for PC (Windows 7/8/Mac)

Are you a racing game freak and looking for some adventurous fun on internet? Hill Climb Racing is an addictive game that you can find in the Play Store. Hill Climb Racing is a driving game based on the laws of physics more fun for touch screen mobile devices. This scientific based driving game employs all the aspects of science like friction, gravity and other judgmental factors to test your driving skills in accordance with the terrain. All these factors should be taken into consideration if you want to move swiftly and economically in the game. You have preferences to upgrade the parts like engine, suspensions, and tyres for your racing motor vehicle for making more fun in this game. Already available in the stores of Android and iOS, where he had some success has just landed on that of Windows 8 for tablets and PCs while the version for Windows Phone 8 is under development.




The important aspect of this game is that in this you have to use concepts of physics in a whole new level. If you’re a racing junkie like me, you like to drive on a track more difficult? In this game you have to complete your journey on the hills is quite difficult with simple commands at the same time. To play this game on your Android phone, all you have to do is use your thumbs. One thumb to accelerate the vehicle and the other one to use for brakes. The interesting part is that you have to take care of the fuel and the way you drive the vehicle all by yourself. Continue reading “Download Hill Climb Racing for PC (Windows 7/8/Mac)”

Download Clash of Clans for PC (Windows 7/8/Mac)

History is evident that those stories that mix with elements typical of medieval mythology and fantasy, they reach greater levels of popularity all over the world. Thanks to the developers of android games inspired by those historic events that they pick the story telling too mesmerizing, no one can really spot the difference between the movie and the game.Clash of lans

It is the perfect backdrop for the real-time strategy games such as Clash of Clans, where we will go all out to build an impregnable fortress and form an army with which to crush our enemies with magic. The name of the game is in itself exhilarating, and once you go though its hidden features, you will definitely fall in love with this game. For that reason, at the present Clash of Clans is running top of all online multiplayer war based game. Clash of Clans is a free to play game created and published by Supercell. This game can be played on iPod, iPhone, iPad and other android compatible smart phones.

Game Play of Clash of Clans:

In Clash of Clans you can create your own village and develop it into a fortress by building defensive structures such as walls, wizard tower, tesla secret, air defense, mortar, traps, archer tower, cannons, x-bow. And along with powerful warriors like the dragon, wall switch, archer, barbarian Pekka, balloon, giant, wizard, goblin, healer that you can use to defeat goblins and other enemy which players stand your path. In Clash of Clans you can create your own clan or clan and join other players rise through the rankings and claim prominent member of the world map. Continue reading “Download Clash of Clans for PC (Windows 7/8/Mac)”

Download Skout for PC (Windows 7/8/Mac)

In today’s world, where technology means everything, people strive to learn more and more about new software and updates according to their likings and taste. With the evolution of smart phones and tablet users feel up-to-dated with the regular updates taking place in this field. Apple Store and Google Play Store are some of the portals where users find most latest, trending and reliable apps for Android. There are hundreds of apps available in these portals, arranged categories wise such as Business, Comics, Communication, Education, Social, Music & Audio, Personalization and many more in the list. You can choose whichever you want, and that also absolutely free!


Skout is one of the trending apps which have totally changed the meaning of chatting. If you are also looking for the same type of app, then read along and find what this new has to deliver. Who doesn’t like Making new friends and connecting with strangers? I guess we all do! If so, you got to try this new app, Skout, an amazingly cool interface featuring a new way to chat with people around the world. This app got viral as soon as it was released and I am sure you’ll definitely enjoy using it. Therefore, it’s the time when you start expanding your social network with just one tap of a button. I guarantee you’ll be addicted to this wonderful app. Continue reading “Download Skout for PC (Windows 7/8/Mac)”

Download SoundHound for PC (Windows 7/8/Mac)

Hey friends, I hope you are getting adequate information from my previous posted blogs. Now, in this blog, I am sharing the info about a cool android app that can prove to be very helpful while searching your favorite music. There might be times when you heard a song somewhere on the radio or another’s mobile, and wanted that song on your playlist. I bet most of have gone through this what-can-I-do-now type of situation.

soundhound logo

Some of you might get lucky and able to find the song by searching random words of the song on the internet. But, most of the time luck won’t be at your side, like in my case! I love listening music, or can say music is my life, and have undergone through this trauma many times in the past. Sometimes while sitting in your compartment with not much work to do, I more often than not start to hum a classical song and try to memorize the whole lyrics of the song. Moreover, here is an incident when I was listening to a mesmerizing song on the subway, but somehow I was not getting the lyrics on the song, which means that I can’t search the song on the internet. That day I felt disheartened as to me, it’s like losing a song that you can’t listen again. I guess most of us face those situations. Ain’t you? So that’s history now, as SoundHound installed in your smart phone or PC, you can eliminate those same sad moments from your life which I have undergone in the past. Continue reading “Download SoundHound for PC (Windows 7/8/Mac)”