Telegram: How To Send Secret Messages and Images With Your Friends

The Telegram arrived with everything, stealing the attention of the crowd and taking a portion of WhatsApp users.We teach how you can sign up for the Telegram & how to send secret messages.

Taking advantage of this wave, today we will show how you can use one of the special functions of the Telegram: secret chats.This feature of the software allows the user to exchange messages without them being viewed by others.

Understand the secret chat

According to the official website of the Telegram, the secret chats are for two people to talk using an “end-to-end” encryption system (in which data is encoded between the two devices that are connected).

This means that only yourSmartphone and your contact can read the messages (which are protected by codes that exist only in these two devices).The developer of the app shows that nobody can decrypt conversations, even the staff of the Telegram itself.

Due to this unique feature, the messages can not be forwarded.Also, because of the encryption, the conversations are not stored in the cloud, since the code cannot be sent to the servers of the service.

The secret code of this type of conversation is a key of type “Diffie-Hellman” (which enables two contacts to exchange encoded messages over an insecure channel). The Telegram generates a representative picture of the password, which is identical in both conversation participants appliances.

To further ensure privacy and security, Telegram offers an automatic message deletion. You can set a timer so that the information is deleted after reading the content. You can set from 2 seconds to one week. By deleting these messages, they can never be recovered.

Starting a conversation

  • To start exchanging messages, simply click on the options icon (the one with three squares stacked vertically) and choose the item “New Secret Chat”;
  • Then the program will ask you to choose a contact to chat is initiated;
  • When you refer a friend, chat opens in a new window. However, the conversation is initiated only when your contact accepts;

In the center of the window there is information relating to secret chat. You can send as many messages as you want;

  • The images, videos, documents and other details shared will also be kept secret. To send special content, you can click the paper clip icon and select an item to be shipped;
  • To enable the self-destruction of the messages, click the contact picture and set a time in “Self-Destruct Timer” field.

Not everything is so secret

It is important to note that the Telegram does not block the screen capture option, so your contact can record conversations to share anywhere.Furthermore, it is important to note that the conversations initiated by “New Chat” option (via the standard chat icon) do not have this encryption system.Good chat and see you soon!

New patent suggests Apple could follow Samsung’s lead for once

American multinational company Apple always remains in headlines, with media and analysts watching every move it takes and continuously predicting what it may lead to. The recent report came from a site Patently Apple, according to which Apple has recently received a patent in the creation of flexible sapphire displays made with the usage of liquid metal. The patent describes wrap-around displays that will be probably used in future for manufacturing of Apple devices.

Various shapes for wrap-around display were described by the patent which includes an elongated rectangle and hollow cylinder. The shape of the crystal seed would decide the shape of the display which is being created. The creation process for this kind of displays is very tedious; however in simple manner it can be understood as a process in which extraction of a sapphire crystal seed is done by using a crucible filled with molten liquid aluminum. The shape of the display would depend on the shape of the crystal seed. From couple of years, Apple is increasingly showing interest in this field which includes advanced sapphire displays.

Apple has already used sapphire in its last release which goes by the name iPhone 5S, the Touch ID fingerprint scanner sensor was covered by sapphire. In November 2013, to progress in this technology Apple even bought a sapphire display manufacturing company called as GT Advanced Technologies. There were even rumors for certain period of time that Apple may replace the Gorilla Glass display made by Corning which is used in iPhone for display protection by a sapphire display as sapphire is known to be virtually scratch resistant and dust proof.

Future of Sapphire display

In near future there is a probability that all other devices may also start coming with a sapphire display instead of corning Gorilla Glass which is nowadays generally used in every other Smartphone for screen protection. There are also rumors that the upcoming iPhone 6, which will be next release from Apple in its iPhone series line up, might come with a sapphire display instead of Corning Gorilla Glass. However, Apple may take long time in using all types of the wrap-around displays which can be seen in this patent.

Nevertheless, in a concept design made for the upcoming iPhone 6 from Apple we saw such wrap-around displays which points that Apple fans are already interested in such kind of technology with which such type of displays are possible. Apple can also use such type of displays in manufacturing of watches, which will be called iWatch that was being rumored from a long time.

With the filing of such patent Apple for once will be following its top rival Samsung in smartphone market as Samsung has previously manufactured Galaxy Round with such curved display and even LG has used the same display in G Flex Smartphone. However, Apple may come up with better products as compared to them as it has been always known for new innovations in the field of technology.

Galaxy Note 4: Latest News, Features, Specs, Rumors, Price and Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is fast becoming a thing of the past. With each passing day, we are coming closer to the release of the Galaxy Note 3 successor. However, currently, Galaxy Note 3 is Samsung’s finest Smartphone in the market. Nevertheless, it is expected to surrender its number one Samsung brand in about a week’s time when Samsung launches the Galaxy S5. So far Samsung hasn’t released many details concerning the Galaxy Note 4 but if rumors are anything to go by, Samsung Note 4 will definitely be a success.

Waterproof and dustproof

Samsung seems like it has decided to go unique. It has decided to take and upgrade the unique features in other Smartphones. For instance, it is developing ISOCELL sensor like that of Nokia’s low light photography, finger print scanner and 64-bit processor from the iPhone 5S and what’s more? It is now working on Sony’s dustproof and waterproof technology.

Emerging news is that Samsung has called off an order of 5 million LDS antennas that were to be used in Galaxy Note 4 to make it waterproof. This was due to the fact that the rear-case in-built antennas are quite hard to be made waterproof. It has now emerged that Samsung has preferred the IMA technology as it can be made waterproof faster than LDS. It emerged that Samsung was unable to completely seal the joint between the rear-case attached antennas and the HDI (main board). However, this joint was perfectly sealed by IMA technology, thus the change.

Previously, Samsung used to release a premium waterproof Smartphones going by the name “Active” but it now emerges that as from Galaxy Note 4, all Samsung’s Smartphones will be waterproof.

It is also certain that the IMA technology is still under research, thus we cannot expect it in the Galaxy S5. But in this other Samsung Note 4, we can be sure to expect it.

Advanced S-Pen

Samsung Note series is well known for its stylus. This time round, it has emerged that the Galaxy Note 4 will come with an advanced S-Pen. This stylus has been confirmed to come with;

ü  Action Memo

ü  S Note

ü  Screen Write

ü  Pen Window

ü  Scrapbook

While these may seem like the newest discoveries, you will be surprised to read that Samsung has introduced a handwriting signature for unlocking the phone using the stylus. Moreover, you can even call using the stylus.

How will you unlock your phone using the stylus? It is easy. You first have to register your handwritten signature using the stylus. Once registered, you can unlock your phone using the handwritten signature right on the screen.

If you want to call using the stylus, you type the name of the person you want to call, say, “Call Mom”. The screen will unlock itself and call mom.

Galaxy Note 4 will definitely be the premium Smartphone the world is waiting for. These and more features will make the phone almost human-like thereby improving its functionality.

5 Best Apps for Sound Sleep

Apps for sound sleep are not a new thing. There are a variety of sound sleeping apps for you to try, and half of the problem does not know which ones are good and which are not. This is compounded by the fact that many apps seem to work for some people and not for others. The same is true in real life, just like how some people cannot fall asleep on a train, some can, and some feel sleepy through being on a train. Here are five apps that may or may not work for you to help you get a sounder night’s rest.

1 – Epic Sleep ULTRA Pro

Clearly with all the bombastic wording–this app is aimed at men. They may have well have added “Stealth Turbo” into the title and be done with it. The app has ambient sounds that are relaxing and soothing. What the company also claims is that it has delta sleep induction sounds which are supposed to make falling into a deeper sleep easier. Feel free to maintain your skepticism as many apps claim this sort of thing, but if it works for you then it works for you.

2 – Sleep Now!

The name alone sounds like something you may hear in a really crappy Vietnam War movie. That are twelve sounds that you can listen to and it includes noises such as at the beach which is relaxing and even a heart beat which is supposed to remind you of the time you were in the womb. It has different settings to help you choose the right one for your mood.

3 – Relax and Sleep Plus

This app gives you thirty five ambient noises to play on your phone. It will also mix them up and will run for as long as you tell it to. The funniest occasions are when people set similar tones as ring tones and suddenly become unreachable because they do not know their phone is ringing. The idea is that some people enjoy ambient noises and sleep better with them.

4 – Sound A Sleep

Time dilation is when time slows down and there is a theory (albeit unproven) that we experience time dilation when we are tired and falling asleep. It is commonly seen in movies when a person is drugged and time appears to be going slower. This app adds in moments where the ambient sound slows down as if time dilation was happening. This is in order to trick the brain into thinking it is going to sleep.

5 – Music Therapy for Sound Sleep

This is a therapy soundtrack that claims to use Alpha waves to help you sleep more soundly. It also has a mixer so that you can combine your favorite ambient noises.

Try these if you are still having trouble sleeping

In the introduction you read that some techniques and apps work for some and not for others. If you have had no luck with the top five then give one of these a try.

Restful Sleep Deluxe Edition

Deluxe or not, this is a great app to say that it is free. It is another one of those apps where some people claim it works and some claim it does not, and it probably goes to show that we all react differently (as claimed in the introduction). Still, the app is worth a shot if you have trouble sleeping.

Deep Sleep

This is a free app that claims it can induce a deep sleep through the sounds it makes. There are some people who claim that it works and that it helps them wake up more refreshed and there are some who claim no difference, so it is up to you to decide (there is no harm in it since it is free).

Thunderstorm Sleep sound

This is a free app that allows you to drift away with the sounds of thunderstorms. This may seem silly, but think of the sound of the rain atop a caravan room and you can see why it is such a nice idea. There is also the fact that the company claims all of the noises are genuine and that there is no looping, which if true makes it a great soundtrack. There is nothing worse than trying to lose yourself in the sound of storm rain only to realize that the rain noises are faked and you can picture the tools they are using to create the sounds.

Pure Sleep | AmbiScience

This is an app that is full of different sounds and features that help you sleep. There are long tracks that help you sleep through the night and there are binaural tracks which are supposed to help you relax. There are lots of features so you can choose the best one for you.

Sleep Dream Relax

This is an app that uses noises to lull you into REM sleep, which is the part of sleep where you dream. The creators claim that you can dream and hear the music, but most users just claim it is a nice soundtrack to go to sleep with.

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