Galaxy S6 With Huge Internal Memmory: No More Micro SD Requirements

One of the buzz coming from the rumor mill has made extreme discussion on web about Samsung Galaxy S6 to feature 32 and 64 GB inbuilt memory. Of course, it’s a matter to be discussed for all the tech-geeks, specially the smartphone lovers. I presume some of my avid viewers won’t know this, so here I am to clear this thing. Nowadays, buyers who all are spending money on high-end smartphones, hesitate to spend more for external storages, also it’s a little problematic to take care of your external storage or SD cards as it can be lost anywhere and who troubles for such a small thing! No one wish to spend more money unless it’s a crucial requirement.

As per rumor reports Samsung is planning for huge internal storage chips to be assigned in Galaxy S6. Well, I am hoping that the Korean firm start manufacturing the next generation Samsung Galaxy S6 with internal storages upto 32 GB or 64 GB. Some of the rumors say it will come with internal storage of 128 GB, but that seems to be too early for a smartphone to have such a huge in-house storage. But as far as I think Samsung will not come with 128 GB though they will surely incorporate expansion of internal storage of 128 GB through microSD cards.

Galaxy S4 camein three variants 8/16/32 GB with expansion upto 64 GB whereas the Galaxy S5 is launched in two variants 16/32 GB expandable upto 128 GB. If we look at Galaxy S VI’s predecessor’s internal storage details, there seems to be true possibilities of having SGS6 in either 16/32/64 GB variants or 32/64 GB with expandability of upto 128 GB. This will surely break the needs of microSD cards for mostly every smartphone lover.

This time Samsung might come with a high speed transfer chip as well which is expected to transfer data at a speed of upto 120 megabytes per second. Well, this will be like icing on the cake for all of the consumers out there in the world.

Do you want such a device with huge internal storage or not? Just share it in the comments section below. Your feedbacks on Samsung Galaxy S6 will also be appreciated. Cheers!

LG Expending L Series With L90, L70 and L40 Smartphones

LG has announced the release of three smartphones belonging to the third generation of the L series models. The new upcoming smartphones includes LG L90, L70 and L40 belong to primary and secondary segments of devices with support for 3G. Common feature of all three models is the presence of OS Android 4.4 KitKat.

The older model LG L90 is powered with a fast quad-core processor and this processor is clocked at 1.2 GHz, also, supported by 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of flash memory. If we talk about the display, L90 has is equipped with an IPS display size of 4.7 inches and a resolution of qHD (960 x 540 pixels). Camera configuration of this superior L series smartphone is pretty good with two cameras with the resolution of 8 and 1.3 megapixels. The dimension profile of this phone is pretty good with dimensions of 131.6 x 66.0 x 9.7 mm. The smartphone is equipped with a battery capacity of 2540 mAh, which promises to give a long battery backup in talk time mode.

If we talk about the LG L70 dual-core, clocked at 1.2 GHz. The screen size of this smartphone is 4.5 inches, and resolution – WVGA (800 x 400 pixels). Screen Type – IPS. The amount of RAM is 1 GB flash memory – 4 GB. Depending on the order, which market L70 will come, it will have a camera resolution of 5 or 8 megapixels. Device dimensions are 127.2 x 66.8 x 9.5 mm. The battery installed in this phone has the capacity of 2100 mAh.

Rounding out the model LG L40. The clock speed of its processor is not revealed by the manufacture LG and limited to the statement that it is dual-core. The smartphone is equipped with a screen size of 3.5 inches and a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels, 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of flash memory. Depending on the order, which market L40 will be available, it will have a removable battery capacity of 1700 or 1540 mAh. The dimensions of this phone are as 109.4 x 59.0 x 11.9 mm.

This was all about the most recent smartphones of LG in the L series. On other hand, LG is also growing its G series smartphone that actually has pretty superior devices and LG G2 is one of the leading. And in the near future we might hear about the upcoming LG G3 smartphone that will bring a bang in the market with its massive specifications.

Why Iphone Screen Repairing Cost have Soared

The technology behind smart phones and tablets continues to change, and the process of manufacturing or developing Smartphone’s has become complex. As a result, the direct impact on both the initial cost and the costs incurred when repairing them. Do you know, presently iphone 5 owners has to pay $ 229 in order to repair their screen. The components of iphone 5 are generally more expensive than similar parts of the previous models.

Most of the iphone 5 users ask “what is included in this repairing cost ($229)”? Well, in this repairing cost, your iphone screen is not going to be repaired or replaced, but the entire iPhone is replaced. It means you will get a new iphone, rather than a new screen. This new device has a 3 months warranty.

There are lots of reasons by which your iphone screen can be broken. Some of the major causes behind iphone accidents are given below:

  • Fell into a swimming pool, toilet, etc.
  • Slipped from your laps
  • Dropped from your hands on a solid surface such road, roof, etc
  • Drenched by some other liquid
  • Knocked off a table

All these accidents are extremely common today, and are very easy to do even users of iphones are very careful. Most of the users ask that the repair cost of iphone is very high, so what they should if they crack their iphone’s screen. Well, everyone knows that the components of iphone are expensive. What options are available for you? Well, you can help from a third party to repair your iphone rather take it to any iphone repair store and give a huge amount for repairing. Some of the repair service providers provide repairing services at the same cost what Apple is charging or even less.

But, there are some drawbacks behind hiring a third party repair service like if your handset falls down then it enough to  crack your iphone’ s the screen as well as it may damage something internal as well. If you repair your iphone from someone who is not experienced and certified for phone repair, but opened your phone and replaced some parts that are not apple certified, and then the warranty your set is avoided.

A good advice for people who have Smartphone’s is that buy a sturdy case to protect your expensive device. You can take it from brick-and-mortar retailers since buying it from Apple stores mean you have to spend a little more. One of the most common damages to a mobile phone is caused by liquid like water. Therefore, it is a great idea to buy waterproof cases for your phone.

iPhone 6 Might Feature a Wraparound Display

Apple, the originator of the smartphone concept is at present facing a tough challenge from other smartphone manufacturers, who have left Applebehind in this cutthroat race for supremacy in the global mobile market. Undoubtedly Apple, has its own loyal fan base, but its range of enlarge its market base and proliferate further. There are many causes behind it and two of the most important amongst them being: price (as Apple products are expensive) and lack of innovation in their range of products. This has also adversely affected the share price of Apple and therefore this Cupertino based company is making the best effort to come back with a bang in 2014 with the release of iPhone 6.

This fact makes iPhone 6 one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2014 and led the tech buffs to envision the probable features of this phone so that it can provide a tough challenge to other brands. On March, 2013 Apple has received a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office which states Apple is the sole owner of a future iPhone that will have a wraparound display. It also stated that this technology will be also used in iWatch. This piece of info was enough for the tech buffs to envisage that it is iPhone 6 that will have this awesome feature.

A wraparound screen would imply that the touch screen will be extended to the two sides of the phone, replacing the physical keys present on the sides with virtual keys. Therefore, the functions that can be conducted from the side panels of the iPhone will be increased further. The main idea behind introducing this concept is that in the last few years the functionalities of the mobile phones have increased a lot. Therefore, the developers want to make the best use of the available space so that the phone becomes much more user friendly.

However, there is no denying the fact that introduction of such technology would impact the price of iPhone 6. It will definitely have a much higher price than iPhone 5c and therefore Apple has to find out innovative ways to market the product well so that it gets the appreciation that it deserves. Other manufacturers are also trying to pull the best innovations in the market with their beasts smartphones and similar is expected with upcoming LG G3, Nexus 6, Xperia Z3 and Galaxy S6 smartphones and the interesting thing is that, all of these smartphone will appear in the market in the gap of a month or few days. Moreover, there isalso news about the iPhone 6 coming with a sapphire screen, but it is also questionable whether the aforementioned technology can be merged with the sapphire screen. We will keep updating our readers as soon as we get to hear more news about iPhone 6.

Best Ten Apps For Your Galaxy S4

The Galaxy S4 was released in April 2013 and is currently one of the most highly reviewed phones on the market. There are very few reviewers and online consumers who do not like it. The Android operating system also has thousands upon thousands of apps you can use with the Android operating system too. If you are looking for something good to put onto your phone, then here are ten apps you should consider getting. The list is in no particular order as all the apps have different functions.

1. Real Boxing

This is a fairly cheap app for a game that is in 3D. It keeps you entertained and has a slightly manly edge that is auspiciously close to being rainbow. For example, there are many scenes full of muscled men that are flapping their fists at each other. The beaded sweat manliness does break now and again in order to allow a bit of violence and gore to occur. You can fight up to twenty opponents within the game and it is a great little boredom breaker.

2. Galaxy S4 Universal Remote

This uses infrared in order to control almost three hundred thousand devices. It is able to control things such as TV sets and even cameras. There are universal remote controls on the market, but this app is cheaper than all of them and it is just a case of trial and error to see what it works on and what it does not. It is fun to try out new devices to see if you can have an impact on them.

3. Magisto Video Editor & Maker

This is a free app that allows you to edit video a little more correctly and a little more efficiently. It allows you to combine your video clips with your photo images. You do not have to wait too long for it to process your movies too, and you can add in a musical track to the videos you edit too. It is quick and intuitive enough to help most people get by with it.

4. CSR Racing

This is a free app that you can use to play a game when you are bored. It has great graphics considering the fact that it is a mobile device app and it allows you to race in fully 1080p in fancy car. It is fun to play and is all the better because of the responsive nature of the Galaxy S4 device. This app is free too.

5. Floating Notifications

This app will make notifications pop up and you can choose how they pop up too. You can set how they pop up and then tap on the bubble in order to take you to what you are being notified about. It runs very smoothly on the Galaxy S4 phone and is effective so that you may deal with your problems right away.

6. Everything Home

This is a free app that recognizes what you are saying into it. It finds what you need on your phone and any elements that are associated with it. You can type your instruction into the phone too. It goes a way to expanding your search into the online world and into the depths of your own phone too. It is like having a Google on your phone and the Internet at the same time.

7. Netflix

This is a very well known app that allows you to watch TV shows and movies. It works in 1080p and allows you to stream content directly to your device. It is a minimalist design that has tried to concentrate more on the service it gives instead of anything else. It is a very good app, even though you do have to pay for it every month.

8. Nova Launcher Prime

With this app you may customize your Galaxy S4 without having to crack it or any other type of hacking or reprogramming. You can even pick out your own gesture controls and there are icon packs that you can choose from too.

9. Galaxy S4 Sensors

This is a free app that ahs different sensors to help you see thing and guess things that may otherwise matter or not matter depending upon your chain of thought. It can help you detect things that you would not otherwise for either fun or whatever projects you see fit.

10. Floating Browser s4 app

This is an app that has its own browser that comes up when you tap the screen. It allows you to have your browser remain on the screen on the page that it was on. This is handy for a number of reasons, especially if you are trying to multitask and you want to keep your browser Windows open so you can take notes. Plus, it is sometimes just good to be able to get back to the screen you were on.

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What Should We Expect Of Galaxy S6 ?

Though people have not seen Samsung Galaxy S5, they have started speculating on the upcoming Galaxy S6 . This is because of the amazing success that galaxy s4 has already received, making them wonder how different the futuristic devices will be.

The futuristic eye wants to speculate on Galaxy S6 so that they are well prepared when the revolutionary device is finally released into the market. These high expectations and speculations are sometimes become real truths, especially when the manufactures consider them when coming up with such devices. They actually inform the decision on how Samsung should make their future devices.

Release Date Now Confirmed

The upcoming S6 will not be released in the year 2014, as earlier speculations had indicated. Rather, the device will have to wait until the beginning of 2015. This is because Galaxy S5 will be released in this same year, 2014, and it is not possible for these Korean manufacturers to release two S series in the same year.  That said, one can quickly add that nothing is really impossible in the Smartphone world, and it is possible to have Galaxy S6 come later in the year 2014 due to competition pressures.

Better Hardware Due To Competition Pressures

After the launch of other amazing devices such as Sony XPeria Z1 and I phone 5S, the sale of Samsung Galaxy S4 has declined. This is because the devices from the competitors have amazing features that every consumer has been longing for. To deal with this, Samsung is promising to have better features even as they release Galaxy S5 and S6. And since Galaxy S5 is almost being released into the market today, S6 remains their only source of hope as far as recovering the lost glory is concerned.

Samsung has indicated that it will come up with an S6 with an internal hardware that is better than most laptops today. Some of these features include:

  • 128 GB internal memory
  • 4 GB ram
  • 5.2 ultra high definition display
  • 3500 mash battery
  • Android Kit Kat operating system

It is important to note that Samsung is still way too ahead of a majority of the competitors. They are ahead of the apple I phone as far as storage capacities are concern. However, there are some competitors who seem to be walking very closely with Samsung, and there is need for innovation to the end that the features above are better that everyone else.

People’s Demands

People are demanding for devices with a curved display. This could be possible with galaxy s6 since there is enough time for such a manufacturing. Still, there is a high demand for devices that can feature wireless charging, and Samsung has promised to consider this in all their future devices. This is therefore a feature that could be considered in s6 Smartphone.

After all the speculations and possibilities with Samsung Galaxy S6, there is surely one certainty- that the device will be revolutionary. Samsung does not only have enough time to make it all happen, but they are also under pressure to supply good products that will meet consumer’s standards.

Know More about Galaxy Note 4 phablet

When it comes to releasing data on the devices it brings to the market, Samsung has more often than not been cage. However, Samsung has provided hints that suggest that phablet models are not as common as it is commonly believed. This may therefore explain why Apple has not been in a hurry to put into the market an iPhone with a big screen. Even so, Samsung in Samsung Tomorrow which is its promotional blog announced having shipped close to 10 million Galaxy note 3 phablets. In essence, phablets have been defined by phones that have screens with over 5 inches. This android phones make up to 21 percent of the Smartphones market

If the numbers revealed by Samsung are anything to go by, then it would be assumed that phablets are indeed as not as popular as people perceive them to be. According to those numbers, Samsung revealed that the big screened Note 3 Phablet only accounted for only 1/10th of 1/3rd of its 2013 sales. This also points out that oversized phones are not as attractive as those that are of a considerable size. As such Galaxy Note 4 will similarly attract sales made by its predecessor. Worth noting is the fact that most of the phablets sell in Asia and within South Korea.

According to IDC, there has been an indication that phablets account for similar minority of overall sales pointing out why Apple has not taken time to release big phones in the android phones market. That indicates that the remaining percentage is compromised low end devices. These low end devices have an average selling price of just $214.50.

According to rumors the next big Phablet which is Galaxy note 4 is one that is designed for the high end segment in the Smartphone market. One of the reasons why its creation has perked the tech arena’s interest is the amazing features that it is expected to feature. The device which will likely target professionals, is expected to have new-age technology. For example, Galaxy note 4 is expected to have a three-sided display that will enable users to read their messages from an angle. However, it’s still not yet clear whether the display will be a flexible one as yet. Other expected outstanding features include but are not limited to:

v Camera

Galaxy note 4 is expected to feature a 16MP ISOCELL camera. The integration of ISOCELL technology into Smartphones is a first in the industry. ISOCELL technology deals with individual pixel isolation. Such technology allows amazing quality in terms of photos taken by Smartphones and handsets. This quality is one that has not been experience with previous Samsung flagships.

v  Display

In the recent past, Samsung has been in the limelight for the innovative developments that it has been making in its displays. This explains why fans are sure of a major overhaul in the functionality of the Galaxy Note 4, more so in its screen technology.

v Design

As far as the design is in question, Galaxy note 4 will perhaps be sleeker and lighter than its predecessor. The tech giant may at last give it premium metallic accents too, something it is alleged to be doing with the Galaxy S5 as well.

Will iPhone 6 Come with Quantum Dot Enhanced Display?

Last Thursday19th December 2013,the US Patent and Trademark Office published one of the latest patents that has been acquired by Apple. It is known by the name of Quantum dot enhanced display for dichroic filter and it has a detailed description about this advanced technology as well as the way it can be applied in the mobile gadgets like iPhone.

Quantum dots are basically nanocrystals which are known for their ability to emit light. These quantum dots can be made in such a way so that it can emit the narrowest spectrum of light passing through it. These quantum dots can be manufactured in different ways to control the lights passing through it. The quantum display will be coated with a dichroic filter that will help in absorbing the blue light and emit the red and green light. As a result the images or graphic displayed on the iPhone will be much more vibrant and beautiful. The graphics displayed on the screen of the iPhone 6 will become brighter with prisms and other techniques are used in it.

Apple products have been always known for their unique and advanced display. Therefore, it is clear that Apple is trying to surpass the previous benchmark set by it i.e. retina display present in the iPhone 5 series phone. We believe that this technology is still in the development stage, but still we hope to experience this awesome featurein iPhone 6 itself.

The phablet style iPhone 6 with quantum dot wraparound screen will be definitely be a different experience altogether. The blogosphere is bursting with news that Apple has plans to bounce back to its original position in the world of smartphone in 2014 with the release of iPhone 6, which is supposedly going to one of the best iPhones as well as smartphones that the world has ever seen. Therefore, inclusion of such cutting edge features can be expected. However, if we think practically then it is also true that including so many features in one phone is not justifiable at all.

However, integration of all these features is definitely going to make iPhone 6 pricey. As such Apple products are tagged with higher price than its competitors, and if at all iPhone 6 has at least five of the rumoured features, it is definitely going to come with a far greater quote. The main competitiors of iPhone 6 would LG G3, Nexus 6 and Note 4.let’sput it this way that all great things come with a better price!!Cheers!!

Google Nexus 6 : All You’ve Been Searching For

Google is one of the leading technological market players, and the obviously didn’t lag behind when the Smartphone era came into being. Everything you’ve ever wanted in a phone, the Google nexus once a year released phones probably have those and other features that you never knew you wanted but might need.

The Google Nexus 5 is a success story and due to this success in such a competitive market, people are already gearing up for what the nexus 6, which will be made by Lenovo, will have to offer. Well, here are the rumors that will be hopefully having some truth.

  • Ø Design Concept

The design concept of the rumored Galaxy 6 and iPhone 6 are likely to influence the design concept of the Nexus 6. The futuristic designs seem to be what consumers are looking for and what companies must be willing to give. The phone is also expected to be larger but slimmer.

  • Ø Display

Like the Galaxy 6, the Nexus 6 is expected to have a metal design along with edge to edge display. It might also have a curved display. It will also be colorful like the Nexus 5 was. A 5.2 0r 5.5 inch display is also expected. The screen will also be HD.

  • Ø Operating System

The operating system the phone will use will either be the android 4.4, the android 5.0 lollypop or the android 6.0 milkshake if the two latter ones will be available. There is nonetheless a lot of speculation that a Chrome OS might be used due to its growing popularity as opposed to an android 4.4 OS used in the Nexus 5.

  • Ø Camera

Nokia stepped up the game for companies and so most will be looking to increase the resolutions in the cameras when making their smartphones. The primary camera is expected to be 13MP with a LED flash and the secondary camera is of the Nexus 5 is expected to be 5MP.

  • Ø Processor

The nexus 6 will use a 3.0 quad-core processor and will have an exynos 5 octa CPU.


The phone will be lighter. It will also be more focused on making the user’s experience a better one. The Nexus 6 will have a 3GB ram and they are rumors that it might support a 6GB ram with 32GB, 64GB and 128GB internal memory options. It will also have a 2k UHD resolution display. The curve screen will protect it from scratches and more sensors are likely to be added. This is interesting because Samsung also plans to add sensors to the Galaxy 6. It will also have a 3000 mAH battery.

Release Date

The nexus 4 and the nexus 5 were released in early November. The Nexus 6 is likely to follow this trend to and should be released around the same time. It can also be released from midyear depending on when the Galaxy 6 and the iPhone 6 will be released as a competitive strategy or due to demand a result of the success of the Nexus 5.


The Nexus 6 is expected to cost around 500 US dollars. Like the Nexus 5, the price is quite reasonable as compared to that of its competitors thus giving it another advantage other than the perfect features and performance.

How has digital painting? A complete guide

Last week the company Wacom, almost a monopoly in the world of digital drawing, introduced new technology WILL – Wacom Ink Layer Language. This is the new universal standard that provides cross-platform and work together locally or in the cloud, regardless of the device and the ecosystem. The technology involves the use of not only specialized tablets for digital painting, but also Smartphones and conventional tablet computers equipped with a stylus.

Digital painting, that is, the creation of electronic pictures through computer simulations art tools – this is a very interesting area. We do not hear big news every week about the new graphics tablet and do not wait with bated breath new tools, however, this area of consumer electronics stably and continuously evolving. Digital painting is not as highly specialized as, say, programming. Availability of technologies and tools allow even non-professional artists to create their own digital pictures. As well, the industry has evolved and what can we expect in the future? Let’s try to find out!

Direction digital painting quite young, obviously – for his appearance had sufficient development of computers and the input and output information. The exact date of the first computer drawing, in general, and is not known to anyone. Yes, and that can be considered as such? Does pseudographics to digital drawing or not? The first visible and colorful works made ​​on the computer appeared in the mid 90s of last century, when the widespread SVGA-monitors and video card capable of displaying 16.7 million colors.

Interestingly, the ancestor of the modern tools of digital artist, the first graphics tablet, appeared before the development of personal computers. In 1888, Elisha Gray someone patented the first graphics tablet. And here is the first device, really like modern, consisting of a pen and a flat device, pressure-sensitive, working in conjunction with a computer and used to Stylator handwriting in 1957.

Since the end of the twentieth century the rapid development of digital painting or CG-art (Computer Graphics Art). The reason for this is, firstly, the availability. In order to draw on the computer, you must have a computer in addition to the purchase only graphics tablet and software. The second reason for the growth was the increase in popularity of the artist’s work rate. Graphics programs offer a large number of tools, not to mention the rich color palette. Contemporary artist enough to make two mouse clicks to select the desired color – no need to buy and mix the paint. And do not forget the biggest plus of the computer – any erroneous action in the program can be easily undone. In digital drawing easier to make changes, and send it to the destination, you can immediately upon completion – no need to wait until the paint is dry, and transfer digital media on canvas.

In digital painting great promise but also great limitations. Since the 18th century, traditional art is practically no technical development, contemporary artists are doing almost the same set of instruments as their counterparts a hundred years ago: canvas, brushes, oil … But it grows every year resolution and pixel density displays, enhanced color quality, increasing computing power, develops software – all this is the determining factor for the development of digital ink. That is one side. On the other hand, the resolution of modern monitors are far from resolution of the human eye, the monitor is not able to bring a number of parts and details, which can provide live monitoring of the same size plot canvas classical painting.