Micromax Bolt A61: Specs, Features and Price

Micromax has just launched the newest model in its Bolt series, the Bolt A61. Micromax pitches the device as a metallic bodied smartphone that is stylish and enduring.

Micromax Bolt A61
Credit: Micromax Gallery

Bolt A61 has an intuitive navigation featuring on 10.1 cm Full Capacitive Touch Screen powered by a 1 GHz processor. The device is powered by Jelly Bean 4.1 having a built-in 3G connectivity.

Although Micromax has failed to keep up to the mark with the promised battery life in earlier models, lets see what does this new device has it in the stores.

Full Specifications:-


Screen Size : 10.1 cm (4)
Screen Type : TFT Full Touch Screen
Colour Depth : 16M
Screen Resolution : WVGA, 480*800


Video Formats Supported : H.263,H.264,MPEG4,MP4,M4V,3GPP
Video Frame Rate : 30fps
Audio Formats Supported : MP3,WAV,AMR,AAC,MID.
FM : Yes


Standby Time : 160 Hours
Battery Capacity : 1500mAh
Talktime : 3:55 Hours


Processor : 1GHz
Type : Spreadtrum SC7710

Operating System:

OS Version : Android 4.1
OS Name : Android Jellybean


Front Camera : VGA
Flash : Yes
Autofocus : No
Resolution, Recording & Playback : 640*480
Rear Camera Resolution : 2 MP


Frequency Band : GSM 2G(900/1800) WCDMA 3G(2100)
Network : 3G
HSPA : 5.76Mbps(uplink) , 7.2Mbps (uplink)
Wi-Fi : Yes
Connectivity Options : Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/USB
Location : GPS : No
Bluetooth : BT 2.1 +E=DR


RAM : 256 MB
ROM : 512 MB
Expandable Memory : 16GB
Sensors : G sensor
Internal Memory : 135 MB (For apps installation)

In the Box

You will get your Bolt A61, USB cable, Manual, Charger, Warranty card, handsfree.

Price Point

The all new Micromax Bolt A61 is priced at INR 4999/- (Prices may vary according to states and taxes)


How to Remotely Flash Files into your Android Device

Flashing files into your android device has become a common task in the new era of modification. People like to flash files for purposes like applying different desirable themes, and unofficially updating their Android OS to initiate change into their lives.

All this is very time consuming and also requires many accessories (Data cables), that if lost; can create quiet a difficult situation as the whole plan rests on the connection of the android device with the PC.

Remotely flash files on Android
Credit: XDA

Furthermore, flashing files via a data cable can be very irritating; both devices have to be at the same place to be connected to each other, both devices have to be fully charged for flashing without interruption, and the devices must be compatible with each other. All these requirements are sometimes very hard to meet. Luckily, a recognised member of XDA, has devised a fairly easy and fast method to flash files.

This will need no data cables, no close interaction between the PC and the android device, and no need to lose battery by switching places. Okay now, you must be wondering what the remoteflash is now.

Remoteflash will flash the required files from the PC to the android device over Wifi. This process requires the downloading of two files, one on your android device, and one on your PC (that stores the files you want to flash). A simple java application can be downloaded to act as a client on the PC, and an APK file will be downloaded on the android device.

1. You will need the Java application that is to be run on your PC
2. You will need the Remoteflash APK that is to be run on your android device
3. You will need Wifi
4. Disconnecting of all the other devices from the WiFi that are not to be involved in flashing.
5. Charged battery (90% should be taken as standard)
6. Open recovery script is recommended to recover by the developer.

How to flash files to Android Phone

When you download the APK file onto your android device, you must reboot the device so APK can start running. Now, you run the java application and hit ‘Auto Scan’.

Now, this is the important part; you must make sure that both the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi, or else this won’t work. The scanning time can vary, but mostly it hooks up within 2 minutes tops.

After connecting, you will be given an option to connect with the device you want; choose the android device you want to flash your files on.

Now, check the Wipe Data/Cache option and hit ‘Go’. After this you will be asked what files to flash, you must select the files you want to flash from the directory and Bingo! After the flash is complete, it’s the usual protocol.

Just reboot and the flashed files will be present. Further details can be seen at the original thread of XDA developers if problems are encountered.

Apple and China Mobile finally Sign the iPhone Deal

Following a number of speculations and reviews over the past several weeks, The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that the Cupertino Tech Giant Apple and China Mobile have finally agreed on signing an iPhone deal. The company says it is planned to schedule the launch later this month.

The deal goes into positive node for Apple after nearly 6 years of on-and-off arguments and negotiations, and will give Apple access to China Mobile’s 700 million+ subscriber base. Thats a whooping user base for any company to get through profits.

The WSJ’s Lorraine Luk  has a say on it:

“China Mobile Ltd. 0941.HK +1.01% has signed a long-awaited deal with Apple Inc.AAPL -0.23% to offer iPhones on its network, a person familiar with the situation said, an arrangement that would give the U.S. technology giant a big boost in the world’s largest mobile market. 

The rollout of iPhones on the world’s largest mobile carrier by users, with over 700 million subscribers, is expected to start later this month, around the time of a Dec. 18 China Mobile conference in Guangzhou, according to two people familiar with the carrier’s plans. China Mobile is one of the world’s last major carriers that doesn’t offer the iPhone.”

Apple and China Mobile have been in arguments for several years now, and CEO Tim Cook has visited to Beijing several times to for a high profile meet  with the carrier’s Chairman on multiple occasions. His most recent visit was in July, where it’s believed that the two made significant striking of the deal.

China Mobile and Apple
Photo Credit: WSJ

News of the strike of deal has been expected since September, when the iPhone 5s and 5c were launched to the public. The two smartphones are Apple’s first handsets to support China Mobile’s TD-LTE network, which is also rumoured to launch on the 18th of this month.

How to Fix Galaxy S4 Heating Problem – Causes & Solutions

Although many of the satisfied Galaxy S4 users might beg to differ, it must be acknowledged that the galaxy S4 does have an overheating problem. Reports say that this is usually encountered after using the camera, playing games, browsing the web, or even just having a couple of conversations on WhatsApp!

After some testing, the conclusion we reach to is; after checking the mail or making 2-3 consecutive calls, the device heats up to 37 degrees Celsius, and after playing games for 45 minutes, the device heats up to 50 degrees Celsius which is unbearable for the users. Many thought that the new chip would be somewhat resistant to the heating, but this was not the case.

Anyway, there’s no use complaining about this irritant. Let’s get some answers to the Galaxy S4 Heating Problems.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems
Credit: Samsung Gallery

Galaxy S4 Heating Problems

When you swipe down for the notification area, some options are displayed above which include the connectivity options like the GPS, Wi-Fi, Airplane mode and many other options. When initiated, these options can heat the phone at a fast rate and also drain the battery of the phone.

To avoid overheating and a dead battery, you should keep the heating options off (Air gesture, smart scroll, air view etc) or just use them when you need them. This will surely make a difference to the heating problem and hopefully counter some of it.

GSam is a useful app you can use to deal with the dreadful heating problem, although this won’t affect the problem directly. Using GSam, you can monitor the battery drainage rate and also the heating rate of the phone.

By reading the lines, you can detect when your phone is in overheating threat or battery loss, and take action accordingly. GSam is available in the Google Play store for free.


Heating while charging

Most users have also reported that the Galaxy S4 heats up even when charging. This a very common problem among many phones. The solution to counter is to charge the phone while it is off.

Charging it while it is on will heat it and drain battery as the battery decreases when the phone heats. So, the phone must be charged while it is off. This will solve the problem of heating whilst charging and also increase phone performance.

Other alternative Solutions

Other alternative solutions that can be considered is dimming your screen brightness, this will lessen the work load and cool the phone down. Another way to solve this problem is to download battery Saving apps, that will save power in numerous ways like activating Wi-Fi only when in range.

This will also cool the phone down and also save battery. If all these solutions still don’t solve your heating problem, and you’re done with tolerating it, the last option you come to is either to call your retailer or Samsung in hope that they will exchange the device, or sell your S4 and buy other products that are overheating-proof.

WhatsApp for iOS 7 is out with New Design and Features

WhatsApp for iOS 7

The much awaited WhatsApp for iOS 7 update is finally available throughout the App Store which came around around 2am at night. This update brings the iOS client for your popular messaging service to version 2.11.5, and includes a detailed new iOS 7 inspired user interface, just a little new features as well as other bug fixes.

One of many notable new features in version 2.11.5 of WhatsApp for iOS 7 is named ‘broadcasts lists’, plus it lets you send messages to group of people simultaneously. So lets say for instance you have a list of your classmates or work colleagues, you can message them all at once instead of individually. Looks pretty much like a WhatsApp made group.

Release Notes

– new iOS 7 User Interface

– broadcast lists: communicate with your classmates, work colleagues or just friends by messaging many people at once.

– improved share location: 3D map view, hide places, search places

– large thumbs: see more

– new notification alerts and sounds: WhatsApp Settings > Notifications > New Message.

– application will now use your device text size as configured in iOS Settings > General > Text Size

– new improved User Interface for managing your blocked contacts: WhatsApp Settings > Chat Settings > Blocked

– crop image before sending

Reminder: you can backup your WhatsApp conversations into iCloud. Simply visit WhatsApp Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup and tap on “Back Up Now”

The apps’ new UI follows the same design as just about every other app that has been updated to match iOS 7′s aesthetics. There’s a good amount of white space, flat graphics and blue accents to make all of the people that don’t like Apple’s new design direction.

But I personally happen to like the new design, and I’m really digging the UX improvements. There’s the new broadcast lists feature we already mentioned above, improved location sharing, as well larger thumbnails,  and blocking contacts is now much easier than before.

But I also feel that its been more then 6 months since Apple released the iOS 7 APK and after taking so much time for the app’s update, more new features should have been added.

I am really hoping to at least get the ‘Auto-Image download’ toggle in settings because in India, people seem to send images every now and then, and it is difficult to manage the cellular bandwidth.

If you’re already a WhatsApp user, I feel like updating the app is a no-rocket science. Just make sure, as the release notes warns, that you backup your conversations to iCloud before doing so. When you’re ready, you can find the new WhatsApp in the App Store for free.